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The Pyrratz are a Mixel tribe in Mixels. They are brown and green in color, and are based on piracy.


Grab all the treasure and hide it well with the members of the Pyrratz tribe, as they steal peoples' hearts and wallets!



Image Name Description
Sharxcartoon.png Sharx The show-loving captain of the Pyrratz with a barrel peg-leg to hide treasure in.
Skulzycartoon.png Skulzy A mischievous Mixel that steals treasure and stores it in his eye socket.
Lewtcartoon.png Lewt The paranoid treasure crab that the other Pyrratz steal from.


Image Name Description
Photo Pyrrat.png Camerarr A background Pyrrat.


  • Their leader, or captain, is Sharx.
  • Their tribe name is a misspelling of the word "pirates", which is what they are.
    • Their tribe name is very similar to pyrite; also known as fool's gold.
  • Each member's body and head is mainly a different color: Sharx is mostly grey, Skulzy is white, and Lewt is brown. This makes them the first tribe to not have a specific color, and have an unknown cubit color.
  • They seem to like giving away treasure, as shown in Nixels' New Adventure.
  • Similar to the Munchos, they all have a place to store their accessory in their LEGO models; Sharx in his peg leg, Skulzy in his left eye socket, and Lewt in his mouth.
  • They once tried to rob a bank, but were stopped inside the vault by the Medix, who scared them.


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