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Every Mixel young and old is at risk, and furthermore a unZZZZZlightly blemish to our beautiful and precious to-be-protected landZZZZZcape!
— Zaptor

An unsightly blemish.
Season 1
Episode Number 6
Production Code 501-296-02A[1]
Original Airdate March 5, 2014[2]
Characters Zaptor
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Pothole is the sixth episode in the first season of Mixels. It first aired on March 5, 2014.



Vulk and Zaptor mix and come up with a creative solution for a pot hole.[1]


Vulk and Zaptor decide to fix a pothole.[sic][3]

Episode Summary


Vulk and Zaptor are walking along a path, telling jokes and laughing, when Zaptor falls into a Pothole. Zaptor begins ranting about how Vulk could have fallen into it (and physically demonstrates so) and how it is a safety hazard to the landscape. Vulk suggests the two Mix to fix it. They do so and end up destroying the entire landscape. The two high-five and continue telling jokes as the episode ends.


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Major Characters


  • Zaptor SandboxCubit005.png Vulk Mix


  • This is the first episode where Zaptor has a large amount of dialogue.
  • The same situation as this episode occurs in Mixel Moon Madness when the land is destroyed by a Mix and the Glowkies Max does not notice it.
  • Zaptor mentions Nixels in his jokes.
  • It is unknown how the pothole was made.
  • The Mix in this episode is shown to be the most destructive Mix, as it destroyed the environment.
  • This episodes marks the first absence of the following:
  • This is the first episode to contain the "Mix" title card when two characters Mix.
  • This episode has only one voice actor: Jess Harnell, due to him providing the voices of both Zaptor and Vulk.

Broadcast Information

This episode and "Murp" aired on March 5, 2014 directly following the Teen Titans Go! episode, "Brain Food" and received a total of 1.859 million viewers.

International airings

International airings
March 2014
Date Countries Title Reference
5 United States Pothole
Canada Pothole [citation needed]
10 Germany Schlagloch [4]
Hungary Gödör [5]
Romania Groapa [6]
18 South Korea 구멍 [7]
??? Australia Pothole
Brazil Buraco
Bulgaria Дупката
Denmark Hullet
France Le grotte
Hong Kong TBA
India TBA
Israel מהמורה
Italy La buca
Japan アブない穴
Latin America
  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Mexico
MENA countries أخدود
Netherlands Rioolput
Norway Hullet
Poland Studzienka
Portugal TBA
Russia Яма
South Africa Pothole
South East Asia Pothole
Spain TBA
Sweden Hålet
Taiwan TBA
Turkey Çukur
United Kingdom & Ireland Pothole


  • Zaptor's pupil clips through his lower eyelid when he's laughing and Vulk's arm crosses through his jaw.
  • There are no red triangles on Vulk's hands for the whole episode (except for the Mix).


Memorable Quotes

So then he says, don't take any wooden Nixels!
— Zaptor
I JUST FELL IN IT! Like this! Do do do do do... wah!
— Zaptor
So, two Mixels and a Nixel walk in to a juice bar...
— Zaptor



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