[Zaptor and Vulk are walking down a sidewalk.]

Zaptor: So then, he says "Don't take any wooden Nixels!" [Both laugh, Zaptor falls down something and yelps. Pan out, there’s a pothole in the road.]

Zaptor: (Jumps out of pothole, zapping himself)  WHO PUT THIS POTHOLE HEEEERRRRE?! (Points to the pothole.) This is a serious safety hazzzzzzard! I just fell in it! Like this! (Walking in place, trips into pothole) Do de do do do do do do... Wah! Even you (Points at Vulk, Vulk grows surprised.) could fall in it! Like this! (Pushes Vulk in pothole, Vulk mildly screams.) Every Mixel, young and old, is at risk! And (Accidentally knocks Vulk back into pothole.) furthermore, an unzzzightly blemished to our beautiful and precious, to-be-protected landzzzzcape!

Vulk: (Still in pothole, holding up a Infernite/Electroid Cubit) Let's mix it to fix it.

Zaptor: (Zaps self) Yeah!

Vulk and Zaptor: Mix! [Both are pulled into a musical organ and Mix. The Mix rubs his hands on his lightning rod and places them onto the pothole, causing a huge explosion, destroying the entire background, leaving it entirely white, save for a scorch mark where the pothole was.]

Zaptor: Well, look at that! No more pothole! We fixed it!

Vulk: With a mix it! [Zaptor and Vulk high-five and continue walking.]

Zaptor: So, two Mixels and a Nixel walk into a juice bar...

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