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*The [[Infernites]] seem to like them a lot.
*The [[Infernites]] seem to like them a lot.
*Some are rooted into the ground so deep that a [[Max]] is needed to pull them out.
*There is also regular pie, as seen in [[Vaudeville Fun]].
*There is also regular pie, as seen in [[Vaudeville Fun]].
*They were thought to be called Pie Plants.
*They were at first thought to be called Pie Plants.

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This page is about a food or object found in the Mixels Land. It is considered canon in the Mixels franchise and may or may not be a mix of two real life objects.

Plowers are a food found in the Mixel Land. They grow in the ground and can probably be planted with seeds. They have only been seen in a stop motion video by LEGO.

LEGO Mixels Infernites MAX!

LEGO Mixels Infernites MAX!


Plowers are a combination of a cream pie and a leafy plant or flower. Having only been seen made from bricks, they appear as regular pies with leaves growing out of the sides.


  • The Infernites seem to like them a lot.
  • There is also regular pie, as seen in Vaudeville Fun.
  • They were at first thought to be called Pie Plants.

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