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Planet Mixel
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I miss home. It’s so far away, how are we ever gonna get back to Planet Mixel?

Planet Mixel is a planet in the Mixelverse on which the majority of Mixel tribes live, and is the main setting in the Mixels franchise. It has all kinds of foods and other weird things that are combined with one another.

The planet's landscape is known as Mixel Land. Cubits exist here as a source of power for its society, which allows them to Mix, Max, and Murp. These have to be dug from underground, and appear to be at a very limited supply, as Nixels steal them on occasion.

The land is split up into different regions, where each individual tribe lives. These regions all have different appearances. The planet is very diverse and colorful.


There is a river that flows through the land, as well as giant gears positioned on mountains. The grass is a light green. Trees are made of pipes. Surrounding this "hub" area are the individual regions of the tribes.

There are many other places in Mixel Land not entirely occupied by anybody, including the following:


  • Mixel Land is filled with giant gears and pipes.
  • The acting sun of Planet Mixel is a giant light bulb.
  • Mixel Land has been proven to be more modern than originally thought, with advancements in technology, building, communication, and a generic economy.
  • The habitat backgrounds are one of the few uses of colored outlines in the series.
  • The planet itself is the colors of a Cubit.
  • During the development of A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig, it was called Mixtopia by Miranda Dressler.[1]
  • The subterranean area of the planet contains Nixels Land.
  • Earth-based locations not contained on Planet Mixel have been mentioned in various gags, such as Florida and Rancho Cucamonga.


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