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[[File:Beautiful and to be protected.jpg|thumb|250px|Pipe trees among [[sunflower]]s in [[Pothole]].]]
[[File:Beautiful and to be protected.jpg|thumb|250px|Pipe trees among [[sunflower]]s in [[Pothole]].]]
'''Pipe trees''' are a type of plant in [[Mixel Land]].
'''Pipe trees''' are a type of plant in [[Mixel Land]].

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Beautiful and to be protected

Pipe trees among sunflowers in Pothole.

Pipe trees are a type of plant in Mixel Land.


At least seemingly non-organic, the pipe trees are very small networks of steam pipes rooted to the ground with leaves, and some with fruit, such as a Coconapple.

In the Mixed Up Special, organic-looking trees resembling a Birchwood can be seen with green leaves.


  • They can be seen in multiple episodes that take place outside of buildings in Mixel Land.
  • It is unknown how they are able to produce organic fruit and leaves. It is also unknown how the pipes have been placed there: naturally or hand planted.
  • The name "Pipe Tree" is possibly a Mix of pipe and the real life tree, Pine Tree.
  • The pipe trees, along with the rest of the environment, were destroyed, albeit temporarily, in Pothole.

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