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Painted Nixels
Painted Nixels TRANS
Debut Nixel "Mix Over"
Last Appearance  ?
Nicknames (aka) Little Mixels (Balk)
Tribe Nixels
Position Evil minions
Gender Preference Male
Color Blue
Special Features Square top
Pointed top
Unique colors
Likes Causing mischief
Dislikes Mixels
Quote "NIX, NIX, NIX!"
Voice Actor Fred Tatasciore
Game Abilities N/A

Hey there, little Mixels, we're gonna play Slingshot.

The Painted Nixels are two Nixels.



The two painted Nixels act like regular Nixels.

Physical Appearance

One of them is a pointed top Nixel who is painted orange to look like a Flexer. The other is a square topped Nixel who is painted blue to look like a Frosticon. This is so they are able to blend in as Mixels once they perform their mission.


The two Nixels were regular Nixels at first before being painted by Major Nixel as part of his scheme to get Cubits by having them blend in with the Mixels, being disguised as a Flexer and a Frosticon. They are both sent to Mixel Land to get Cubits and end up interacting with Lunk and Balk, who are about to play Slingshot. They give the two Nixels a Cubit, mistaking them for "little Mixels", and the Nixels fake a Mix by having the orange Nixel slide on top of the blue Nixel. After Lunk and Balk leave, the Nixels run back to Nixels Land, where Major Nixel mistakes them for Mixels; they are then attacked. ("Nixel "Mix Over"")


  • They are some of the first Nixels to say something other than "Nix."
  • Although they are much smaller than regular Mixels, the Mixels don't seem to think they look suspicious


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TV series

Season 1



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