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[[Category:Other Creatures]]
[[Category:Other Creatures]]
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[[Category:Characters without a set]]
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This is a list of the creatures in the whole of Mixelverse that are not Mixels or Nixels.


In the background music for the Food Plains in Mixels Rush, chirping birds can be heard.


One of Flurr's stickers from a sticker book contains him staring at a butterfly.


According to Rokit's bio, kittens are known to exist.


Main article: Chickens

Cocktail Weenies

Cocktail weenies are both a food and sentient creature in the Food Plains. They are voiced by Steve Blum


Seismo's flotation device in Nixels is in the shape of a duck.


Fireflies decorate the background static image of the Swamplands.


In Calling All Mixels, flies can be seen buzzing around various areas in clusters around the Swamplands.


Croaking frogs are heard in the background of the Swamplands on


Flamzer mentions "hoot-doodles" in Mixel Moon Madness when Nixels attempt to hide their presence with the cries of this animal. They are apparently similar to real-life owls, and can possibly be a nickname that Flamzer calls owls.

Living Flames

Main article: Living Flames


In Mixel Moon Madness, Flamzer refers to Meltus and Burnard as "Mix Monkeys" and "Murp Monkeys." Also, when Rokit and Meltus Mix, a monkey slams them together.



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Other Species

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