Orbitopia background
Inhabitants Orbitons
Visitors Infernites
Features Glass dome
And this is the grand atrium of our fantastic moon base! That dome is the only thing between us and the hideous vacuum of space! That dome is indestructible! Nothing in the great, wide cosmos could penetrate it!

Orbitopia, also referred to as Orbiton Land, is a location on the Mixel Moon where the Orbitons reside.



Orbitopia is surrounded and enclosed by a large, glowing fragile glass dome. The area itself is composed of a futuristic city-like base with white and yellow-green buildings and glowing rocks on the ground. There is also containment for a spare Infernite/Orbiton Cubit.


The reason that Orbitopia has a dome is to prevent the "hideous vacuum of space" from sucking it up. Flamzer suggested that it was useless because there is already oxygen on the exterior, as evidenced by the fact that they were "out there earlier". The dome is very fragile, and has been broken before during one of Nurp's tantrums. Flamzer was then proven false, due to a literal vacuum sucking up the city (as well as the whole moon) after the dome shattered. It has since, presumably, been replaced.


In Apps

Mixels Rush

In Mixels Rush, Orbitopia is known as Orbiton Land, and is the third world in the game.

Orbitron land MixelsRUSH

In Mixels Rush

Background Music

Mixels Rush

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