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Nurp-Naut's Room
Super Nikky 2
Inhabitants Nurp-Naut
Visitors Rokit
Features Floating bed
Orb mobile
Door leading outside dome

Well, let's head on in and say "howdy"!

Nurp-Naut's room is a room inside the Orbitopia atrium. It is where Nurp-Naut sleeps.



Nurp-Naut's room appears as a light blue and white room. In its center is a small semi-sphere bed that floats in midair where he sleeps. On the ceiling is a mobile made up of four large light blue orbs. It has a steel door that leads to the outside of the dome.


  • It is the first bedroom shown in the series.
  • It is tall enough for the Orbitons Max to be able to stand in it, though the orbs are low enough for him to crash into them and reflect his lasers too.
  • Despite Nurp-Naut's bed being seemingly small, it is big enough for both him and Rokit to be in at the same time and spacious enough for Rokit to duck down in when the Glowkies arrived in the episode.
  • There could possibly be another entrance to the room, as Niksput flew in from the other side of the room in Mixel Moon Madness.


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