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Nixels Land
Down Below Frosticon Land
Panoramic view
Inhabitants King Nixel
Major Nixel
Visitors Seismo
Features Nixels' symbol
Cave systems

Nixels Land is Planet Mixel's underground realm[1] where the creativity-hating Nixels and their leaders, King Nixel and Major Nixel, reside. It is black and white, with some cave systems.

Physical Appearance

Throughout Season 1, Nixels Land has a monochromatic appearance which is seen with a black floor, which sometimes resembles a floor with tiles, but with random shades of grey used as their color. It has a black and white colored, striped wall with the Nixels logo at the top. The land usually looks like a fully white location.

From Mixel Moon Madness on, their underground base is given more of a cave-like structure, with a dark, black and brown color scheme, that is later leveled down in A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig and Nixel, Nixel, Go Away to be exclusively greyscale.



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