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Ugh, a Nixel. Why do you guys always gots to nix our fun?
— Flain
Nixels shot

Full-on rivalry.
Season 1
Episode Number 5
Production Code 501-296-01E[1]
Original Airdate February 26, 2014[2]
Characters Flain
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Nixels is the fifth episode in the first season of Mixels. It first aired on February 26, 2014.


Seismo and Flain mix to fight off thousands of trash-talking Nixels.[1]

Episode Summary

Flain and Seismo create a lava slide at the Infernite Kingdom, but when they are about to ride it, a Nixel comes in and tries to ruin their fun. Soon, a lot more of them invade as well. Flain suggests that he and Seismo Mix so they can repel the little creatures away, and so they do so after retrieving back their Cubit from them. After they defeat the Nixels, they upgrade their lava slide in the process; but the same Nixel from the beginning comes back to annoy them again. This time, Seismo stomps on it and it gets stuck on the bottom of his foot. He then leaves with Flain to try out their improved lava slide, while the flattened Nixel angrily chants.


Nowhere to escape.


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Major Characters



  • Sunscreen is shown to exist on Planet Mixel.
  • The phrase "Oh, schnixel!" is heard here for the first time. In the UK version, Flain doesn't say the line. Instead, he screams. However, the mouth movements are still used.
  • Flain seems to have two Cragster compadres. One is Krader (shown in Cookironi), and the other one is Seismo.
  • This is the first time a character's name is seen on an episode's title.


This episode aired on February 26, 2014 directly following the Teen Titans Go! episode, "Birds" and received a total of 1.767 million viewers.


  • This episode marks the third absence of Zaptor and Volectro, the second absence of Zorch, Teslo, Shuff and Vulk, and the first absence of Krader.
  • This is the second appearance of the Nixels, although this time, they are properly introduced.
  • This is the fourth appearance of both Seismo and Flain.


Nixel error

The error.

  • When Flain & Seismo bashed into the Nixel with the cubit, the Nixel's reaction (as shown in the image) looks very different and crudely made compared to the average Nixel face, instead looking like the far-shot underdetailed designs.
  • When Flain says "Don't think so!", the Nixel's eye clips through his bottom eyelid.

Memorable Quotes

Mixels? (blows raspberries) Nixels? (sticks thumbs up)
— Nixel
Oh, schnixel!
— Flain
— Flain


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