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They are also included as small builds inside the front covers of the books [[LEGO Mixels: Flane's Adventure|Flane's Adventure]], [[LEGO Mixels: Activity Book|Activity Book]], and [[LEGO Mixels: Mixels Vs Nixels!|Mixels Vs Nixels!]]
They are also included as small builds inside the front covers of the books [[LEGO Mixels: Flane's Adventure|Flane's Adventure]], [[LEGO Mixels: Activity Book|Activity Book]], and [[LEGO Mixels: Mixels Vs Nixels!|Mixels Vs Nixels!]]
==Memorable Quote's==
==Memorable Quotes==
*''"[[Mixels (creature)|Mixels]]? (blows a raspberry) Nixels? (creates gesture of thumbs up) yeah''
*''"[[Mixels (creature)|Mixels]]? (blows a raspberry) Nixels? (creates gesture of thumbs up) Heh..."'' - Nixel, [[Nixels (episode)|Nixels]]
*''-'' Nixel, [[Nixels (episode)|Nixels]]
*''"[[Mix|M-Mix]]?"'' - Nixel, [[Nixel "Mix Over"]]
*''"[[Mix|M-Mix]]?"'' - Nixel, [[Nixel "Mix Over"]]
*''"Seriously?"'' - Nixel, [[Mixel Moon Madness]]
*''"Seriously?"'' - Nixel, [[Mixel Moon Madness]]

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Nixels 01


Blue&orange Nixels





Stomped Nixel2

See. We did it again.

Nixels wall


O o

Right Here!

Nixel Welding Mask

Nixel Light Helmet

Nixel Crash Helmet

Boomerang Nixel

Debut Cookironi
Last Appearance Mixel Moon Madness
Mixels Rush
Nicknames (aka)  ?
Tribe Themselves
Position Evil minions
Gender Preference Male
Color Black and white
Special Features Small size
Likes Breaking Cubits
Causing mischief
Electrocuting Major Nixel
Dislikes Mixels
Quote "Nix nix nix nix nix!"
Voice Actor Fred Tatasciore
Unknown in Mixel Moon Madness
Game Abilities Standard Nixel
Cupcake Cannon
Slapper Machine

Nixels are the dark, uncreative, uncool enemies of the colorful, creative, cool Mixels and the primary antagonists of the Mixels franchise. They are led by King Nixel (with Major Nixel as military commander) and reside in the Nixels Land.



Nixels are small and seemingly harmless; but they are actually vicious, annoying, crazy and destructive creatures who are spread all over the land of the Mixels. They live to tear down and break apart the world around them, including any combinations that the Mixels create. There is nothing the Nixels hate more than when two or three Mixels combine together and get super powers. The Nixels have made it their mission in life to put and end to such crazy creativity all together. And the only way to do this is to hide and destroy the Cubits which enable the Mixels to combine in the first place. When they swarm together, they can break apart a Mixel in seconds.

They consider themselves far superior to the Mixels, but are only able to say "Nixels", "Nix", "Mixels", or "Mix", blow raspberries, whistle, laugh, sputter, yell, inhale, exhale, and scream. It is shown, in Wrong Colors when they thought an ice sculpture was Major Nixel, that they are not very bright.

Physical Appearance

Nixels, are very, very small. So small in fact that they can be easily crushed by Seismo's large feet. They have little ears, arms, and legs. Their bodies are mostly black, with the exception of their circular, angry white faces. It's possible that the black outer shell of a Nixel is like armor since it's shown that they can pop right out and run around without it. It is unknown how they control the hands in the armor, as they have no hands when outside of it. Their arms are also retractable, as demonstrated in Nixel "Mix Over".

However, there is a member that is an oddity to this rule. He is Muscle Nixel, and is about the size of Major Nixel and is very buff. Even King, their leader, is very large; being the largest overall character in the series.

Set Information

Series All
Item Number 41501
41547 (who includes King Nixel)
Packaging Respective sets
No. of Pieces Varies
Price US Flag $4.99

CA Flag $5.99
EU Flag €3.99
UK Flag £2.99
DK Flag 29.95 kr

In-Booklet Code Various (Depends on Mixel)

There are three different variants each, in 2014 and 2015 (and one known new variant in 2016) of Nixels in the LEGO sets, and one set for each Mixel tribe includes a Nixel. They come with Vulk, Krader, Teslo, Slumbo, Chomly, Balk, Glurt, Hoogi, Magnifo, Rokit, FlamzerVampos, Gox, Krog, Turg, Wuzzo (who includes King Nixel), Slusho, Berp and Camillot.

They are also included as small builds inside the front covers of the books Flane's Adventure, Activity Book, and Mixels Vs Nixels!

Memorable Quotes


Woah Nixel

A Nixel walking outside of its shell.

  • Their name is a play on the word "nix", another term for destroying something.
  • Originally, the Nixels were going to be various shapes, and not all of them being cube-esque.
  • A reoccurring motif of the Nixels is a white circle with a Nixel hand giving a thumbs-down sign in it. It decorates Nixel Land and is the symbol on their flag, Muscle Nixel's belt, Major Nixel's staff in Calling All Mixels, and when you guess wrong in Who's In The Mix.
  • In long-distance shots, the design of the Nixels becomes oversimplified to the point that they end up lacking arms and their eyes only become black dots. They are the only characters to have specific long-distance model designs.
  • The square-topped Nixels are the most common variety and are the only variations of Nixels in Calling All Mixels.
  • The square-topped Nixels appear to have their animation model flipped when making it face a different direction, thus switching the places for the taller square and smaller square.
  • Nixels have never been shown from a side view, almost always from a 3/4 view instead.
  • They are very similar to Daleks in that they chant a single word of destruction (Exterminate), are a battle suit piloted by a smaller character, and are a feared villain.
  • The regular Nixels seem to be cloned in a machine from the first 3 variations; this is the reason why there are so many.[1]
  • Their gender was only mentioned in Calling All Mixels.
  • Mixels Rush gives some of the Nixels black eyelids, instead of the standard white.
  • In the Moon Madness Special, the Nixels, even Major Nixel, had new voices that were more higher pitched.
    • However, their old voices remained in Mixels Rush.
  • Despite it being said that there are hundreds of Nixels in the swarm, there have only been less than two hundred seen in the show. Most of the time, it looks like there are less than fifty Nixels.
  • The army and strict personalities, combined with the drive for conformity, of the Nixel community strongly resembles that of Communism.
  • In Calling All Mixels, they are the main and only enemies that will attack your base at times.
  • In the LEGO Mixels: Activity Book[2] and a LEGO Club Magazine,[3] Nixels are seen with incredible speech, as they do not say "NIX!". Instead, they speak full English. However, this is possibly only for the convenience of the reader, so they understand what is going on.
  • One represents October in the Mixels: 2015 Wall Calendar (probably because they are villainous, and Halloween is related to evil).
  • Every Mixel that comes with a Nixel does not have official Mix instructions on the LEGO site.


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