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This swarm of annoying little creatures is mindlessly bent on breaking the world apart!
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Nixels are the dark, uncreative, uncool enemies of the colorful, creative, cool Mixels and the primary antagonists of the Mixels franchise.



Nixels are small and seemingly harmless; but they are actually vicious, annoying, crazy and destructive creatures who are spread all over the land of the Mixels. Their society operates more like a virus, and they live to tear down and break apart the world around them, including any combinations that the Mixels create. There is nothing the Nixels hate more than when two or three Mixels combine together and get super powers. The Nixels have made it their mission in life to put an end to such crazy creativity all together. The only way to do this is to hide and destroy the cubits that enable the Mixels to combine in the first place. When they swarm together, the Nixels can break apart a Mixel in seconds.

They are shown to not be very intelligent, as they are easily confused (such as when they stand at attention towards an ice sculpture of Major Nixel in Wrong Colors), and have poor speech capacities, only being able to say single words and very simple phrases.

Physical Appearance

Nixels are very, very small. So small, in fact, that they can be easily crushed by Seismo's large feet. They have little ears, arms, and legs. When in their armor, they are mostly black, with the exception of their white faces peering through a circular hole in the front. It is possible that the black outer shell of a Nixel is like armor since it is shown that they can pop right out and run around without it. It is unknown how they control the hands in the armor, as they have no hands when outside of it. Their arms are also retractable, as demonstrated in Nixel "Mix Over". Nixel armor has three variants: slope ears, cat ears, and flat tops.

Starting with A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig, the Nixels now have symmetrical ring pupils just like every other character introduced in Season 2.

However, there is a member that is an oddity to these rules. He is Muscle Nixel, and is about the size of Major Nixel and is very buff. Even King Nixel, their leader, is very large; being the largest overall character in the franchise. However, this is only due to him being made up of individual Nixels.

In LEGO form, they share several common features, such as a white, spherical, printed face; a black, squarish body; small black arms; and small black nonfunctional legs. Small variations are present in each of the three known Nixels, such as size, building technique, pieces, and shape. There are 10 different Nixel faces, however, only two of them are widely used.


Early history

Nixels were created and cloned using the Ultimate Nixelator.

King Nixel assumed the position of leading the entire army and appointed Major Nixel as military commander. They then occupied Nixels Land and began to scheme, making it their mission to get rid of the Mixels.

First plans

While many Mixels were at the Mix Festival, the Nixels kidnapped them and trapped them in safes scattered across Mixel Land. The only Mixel who managed to evade capture was Flain, who arrived late to the party. Nixels attacked various areas of the planet, but they and their Major were defeated by the Mixels who were set free by the Infernite leader. ("Calling All Mixels")

One Nixel decided to relax and take a break from his duties by eating cookironies. The Infernites, Cragsters and Electroids saw this during their fight for the last of their cookironies, and gave chase, hoping to gain possession of the snack. ("Cookironi")

Flain and Seismo created a lava slide at the Infernite Kingdom, but when they were about to ride it, a Nixel came in and tried to ruin their fun. Soon, a lot more of them invaded as well. Flain suggested that he and Seismo Mix so they could repel the little creatures away, and so they did so after retrieving back their cubit from them. After they defeated the Nixels, they upgraded their lava slide in the process; but the same Nixel from the beginning came back to annoy them again. This time, Seismo stomped on it and it got stuck on the bottom of his foot. He then left with Flain to try out their improved lava slide, while the flattened Nixel angrily chanted. ("Nixels")

During a training exercise to steal cubits, Major Nixel instructed three Nixels to head to various lands to take one from each of the original three tribes. The Nixel that headed to the Infernite lands ended with his head on fire, the Nixel that headed to the Cragster lands ended with a footprint embedded into his shell, and the final Nixel that made it to the Electroid lands brought back a Cragster and Electroid cubit, along with the Zaptor & Seismo Mix, who attacked the Major, much to the amusement of the Nixels. ("Another Nixel")

A large group of Nixels managed to give chase to Shuff and Volectro, ending with them being able to drive the two Mixels off of a cliff. Thanks to the interventions of Flurr and Gobba, the two Mixels were able to survive via a makeshift bobsled, but the Nixels continued to chase them, only to be stopped by a crude ice sculpture of the Major, which scared them enough to salute, and stay saluting, while the Mixels ran off. ("Wrong Colors")

During another training exercise, Major Nixel painted two Nixels in Frosticon and Flexer colors in an attempt to steal more cubits. This disguise managed to fool Balk and Lunk, who were just about to play Slingshot. They unknowingly gave a cubit to the two Nixels, who faked a mix to try and blend in, but were ditched by the Balk & Lunk Mix, who just found them "weird". When they returned the cubit to the Major, he, along with the remaining Nixel army, thought they were Mixels, and attacked them, while the Major escaped with the cubit, only for the mix to retrieve it again. ("Nixel "Mix Over"")

Further plans

During the annual Mix Festival, Major Nixel piloted the Cloud Ship to attack the Mixels. Using the Mega Nixel Mixel Nixer, which cost the lives of multiple Nixels, the festival was Nixed, turning most of the Mixels in to mindless zombies drained of color. When a few of the leaders were able to escape, the Major sent out the remaining Nixels to give chase. When the leaders decided that they were heading to Mixel Mountain to retrieve the giant rainbow cubit, a few Nixels overheard the plan, letting them beat the Mixels to the peak and cover the cubit. By burrowing under the cubit, the Mixels were able to smash it into smaller cubits, creating Mixes that defeated and scattered the Nixels away. ("Epic Comedy Adventure")


During an Infernite camping trip, a few Nixels hid from the trio to listen in on their campfire story. When the the Mixels were abducted by the ship-space, two Nixels tagged along, getting kicked into orbit, much to their annoyance. During a picnic hosted by the Orbitons, the two Nixels burrowed under and stole the oxy-juice and crater tots being served. However, the oxy-juice was grabbed by the Nurp-Naut & Meltus Mix, who burned and stomped on the Nixel, while the crater tots were devoured by the second Nixel, who accepted rokit sauce from the Rokit & Burnard Mix, sending him into a mushroom cloud explosion from the intense heat. The two Nixels were later seen orbiting yet again. A satellite feed of the new moon-based Mixels was sent to a screening of Nixels, who jeered in anger at the new Mixels, but they all recoiled in fright due to King Nixel's arrival. ("Mixel Moon Madness")

Nixels were a key component of the Nixelstorm, which scattered various Mixels across the lands, but also scattered the controls of the Cloud Ship as well. Eventually, the Nixelstorm was tamed by the Mixels and the Cloud Ship was fully destroyed, leading to the Nixels to creating King Nixel's Airship for the next plans. ("Mixels Rush")


The Nixels played an important part in King Nixel's large plan to stop the Mixels with the Mixamajig hoax. Two Nixels boarded the egg-rock to find a willing Mixel to be the one in charge of the Mixamajig key by using a Maximum Mixel shadow puppet to fool them, while also planting a seed of discord into the ranks. Eventually, when the entirety of the Mixels met at the Mixamajig threshold with their own keys, they were fully trapped and at the mercy of King Nixel. When the Mixels managed to escape through Maxing, the entirety of the Nixel army combined forces to boost King Nixel–-whose body is already made of multiple Nixels--into a larger form. To counteract, the Maxes formed the Ultra-Miximum Max and ended up defeating the King, leading his Nixel army to scatter off away from him. ("A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig")


One day, three Nixels visited Mixopolis and went undercover to research the Mixel tribes there. They reported the MCFD, Pyrratz and Medix as unhelpful, greedy and teeth-flossers, respectively. After the investigation, one said that the evidence proved that Nixels are awesome and Mixels are not. This angered the tribes, who then surrounded the trio. ("Nixels' New Adventure!")

The final battle

Hey, what’s with those guys?"
"Hmm. They call themselves Nixels."
"Nixels? That name sounds familiar. Ah, here it is. Nixels. It seems we have met before. King Nixel. Now what brings you to Mixopolis?
Spinza, Cobrax and Mysto respectively

At some point, Nixel scouts had discovered the city of Mixopolis.

Led by an idea of King Nixel's, rather than destroy the city, the Nixels worked to make it their own. By using a technique called "saturation advertising", they made Mixels no longer want to mix with each other. This culminated in the creation of the I-Cubit; a device that fully drained a Mixel's will to mix, while also desaturating them. This left them open to be fully zombified by Nixel swarms.

The Nindjas, after becoming aware of the plots of the Nixels, attempted to stop them, but were stopped and zombified themselves by a Nixel amalgamation.

Eventually, Booger and his three friends snuck into their headquarters, freeing the Mixels from their zombification along with restoring color to the lands. A couple of Nixels ended up Mixelized as a result, while the remaining knocked out ones were disposed of by the Trashoz.

The last Nixel ever seen, just before being cleaned up by Sweepz.

King Nixel was destroyed in the process by the Tungster & Slusho Mix, while Major Nixel fled. ("Nixel, Nixel, Go Away")

List of Nixels


Image Name Description
King Nixel transparent.png King Nixel The leader of the Nixels swarm. While he looks big and intimidating, he is really a weak regular Nixel in disguise.
Oie WvbQU0CCfYk6.png Major Nixel The military leader of the Nixels swarm, who comes up with the always-failing plans.


Image Name Description
Nixel Swarm.jpg
Down Telescope!.png
Be like Nixel- Volectro the mixel.PNG
QfM 47 Hihihihi.png
Nixels Many nameless minions:

Tentacle nixel vector.png Tentacle Nixel A giant Nixel sent to attack the Cragsters Max.
Muscle Nixel transparent.png Muscle Nixel A large and aggressive Nixel.
FlyswatterNixel byNF971.png Slap Nixel A Nixel with a mechanical flyswatting backpack.
BoomerangNixel byNF971.png Boomerang Nixel A Nixel with boomerang skills.
CannonNixel byNF971.png Cannon Nixel A Nixel who operates a cannon strapped to his back.
Catch up nixel vector.png Catch Up Nixel A Nixel who always falls behind the rest of the swarm during Mixel chases.
Painted Nixels TRANS.png Painted Nixels Two Nixels disguised as a Flexer and a Frosticon in order to steal Cubits.
Series 8 Nixels from NNA.jpeg Series 8 Nixels Three Nixels who went to spy on Mixels in Nixels' New Adventure!. Their designs are identical to the ones included in the LEGO sets of Hydro, Skulzy and Skrubz.
Nixie vector.png Nixie A Nixel that attempts to ambush a group of Mixels for their Cubit, but eventually ends up foiled by them and adopted by Volectro as a pet.

Memorable Quotes

Set Information

There are three different variants each, in 2014 and 2015 (and six known new variants in 2016) of Nixels in the LEGO sets, and one set in each Mixel tribe includes a Nixel.

Every Mixel that comes with a Nixel does not have official Mix instructions on the LEGO site. Parts of the Nixels are used in some of the official LEGO Mixes.

In 2015, all of the Nixels were given articulated arms.

It was eventually revealed, in August 2015, that the main reason the Nixels were redesigned in 2015 was to contribute to King Nixel's complete model, and act as his limbs.[1]

In 2016, each tribe has a Nixel themed after the tribes' profession. They are slightly modified versions of the 2015 Nixels with the main difference being that most of them have a unique face plate.

Nixels are also included as small builds inside the front covers of the books Flane's Adventure (scrapped), Activity Book, and Mixels Vs Nixels!.

Background Information

A Nixel walking outside of its shell.


The far-shot design of Nixels.

  • A reoccurring symbol of the Nixels is a white circle with a Nixel hand giving a thumbs-down sign in it. It decorates Nixels Land and is the symbol on their flag, Muscle Nixel's belt, Major Nixel's staff in Calling All Mixels. It also appears when you guess wrong in Who's In The Mix.
  • Prior to A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig, the Nixels have differently shaped irises and feet.
  • In long-distance shots, the design of the Nixels becomes oversimplified to the point that they end up lacking arms and their eyes only become black dots. They are the only characters to have specific long-distance model designs.
  • The square-topped Nixels appear to be the most common variety and are the only variations of Nixels in Calling All Mixels.
  • The square-topped Nixels appear to have their animation model flipped when making it face a different direction, thus switching the places for the taller square and smaller square.
  • Nixels have never been shown from a side view, almost always from a 3/4 view instead.
  • The regular Nixels seem to be cloned in a machine from the first three variations; this is the reason why there are so many.[2]
  • Mixels Rush gives some of the Nixels black eyelids, instead of the standard white.
  • In the LEGO Mixels: Activity Book[3] and a LEGO Club Magazine,[4] Nixels are seen with regular speech, as they do not say "NIX!". Instead, they speak in full English sentences. However, this is only for the convenience of the reader, so they understand what is going on.
  • The Series 7 LEGO website update was the first update to have Nixels used in the CGI animations with their respective Mixels. Each Mixel that had a Nixel had their Nixel incorporated into their animation.
  • According to Nixels' New Adventure!, Nixels dislike flossing their teeth.
  • The three-eared Nixels in the LEGO sets since 2015 never appeared in the show.
  • As it appears, Nixels are not harmed by fire or heat, and are easily resistant of it.
    • In Another Nixel, the Nixel caught on fire is first shown running for help but easily gets used to it.
    • In Nixels' New Adventure, the Nixel whose head is set on fire does not seem to have any care about it.
  • A Nixel is used as the power source of the Shockotrons, running on a treadmill to generate electricity.
  • Despite their importance to the storyline, they appeared in less than half of the show's run, only appearing in nine episodes. However, they did appear in three out of four of the specials; two of which with major roles.

Behind the Scenes

Name and basis

The Nixels' name is a play on the word "nix"; a term that means to terminate something.

Nixels are similar to Daleks in that they chant a single word of destruction (exterminate/nix), are a battle suit piloted by a smaller character, and are a feared villain.


In the TV series, and where sound clips are used, the Nixels' voices are provided by Fred Tatasciore (Season 1). In Season 2, their voices got more higher-pitched, but the voice actor for them from then on is unknown. However, their old voices remained in Mixels Rush.

Real-life history

Early development

An example of one the early Nixel designs.

Originally, as seen on preliminary packaging, the Nixels were going to be various shapes, not all being cubical.


On December 23, 2013, the Nixels were first mentioned in a retailer's catalog, and their animated form was seen.[5]

Nixels have also appeared at Toy Fairs with their respective sets.[6][7][8][9][10][11] Jamzy's Nixel first appeared at San Diego Comic-Con International 2015, though it was displayed next to Camillot instead.[12]


An individual Nixel debuted in the TV series on February 12, 2014 in Cookironi, and the Nixels as a group debuted on February 26, 2014 in the episode of the same name. Nixels were released in their respective LEGO sets from Series 1 in March 2014 to Series 9 in October 2016.

Nixels also appear in the mobile app game Calling All Mixels, released on March 4, 2014 for iOS and April 2, 2014 for Android. They then went on to appear in Mixels Rush, released on May 21, 2015. In these games, they are the antagonists.


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