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We'll never get past the guards!

Nixel Guards are a piece of Nixel technology used to guard the I-Cubit Building in Mixopolis during the Nixels' invasion of the city.



The Nixel Guards act like regular guards. They are easily fooled by disguises, no matter how simple they may be.

Physical Appearance

Nixel Guards have a grey gorilla-like head with light grey accents. Between their head, there are two black triangles as their horns. Their irises are made of Nixels and their underbite has two sharp teeth. They have a dark grey square-tiled neck and a dark grey torso with some grey accents and one black accent on their stomach. They have two grey rectangular-shaped shoulder pads with two black triangles sticking at the top. They have jointed grey arms with light grey hinges, grey hands with black accents and their fingers are light grey. Their hips are grey cylindrical shapes attached by big wheel-like hinges with black accents. Their legs are grey and their feet are dark grey with black toes.


Two Nixels guards stood outside the I-Cubit Building as guards. They were fooled by Booger, Zabo, Blip and Scrud's disguises and let them into the building, ("Nixel, Nixel, Go Away")


Nixel, Nixel, Go Away

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TV series

Season 2



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