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I really don’t like this guy.

The Nixel Amalgamate is a form of Nixel technology used in the I-Cubit Building in Mixopolis during the Nixels' invasion of the city.



The Nixel Amalgamate acts like a typical brute, being shown to roar at the Nindjas.

Physical Appearance

The Nixel Amalgamate has a massive, gorilla-esque head, mostly being made up of light grey elements. His torso is essentially a massive cuboid, with grey and black accents as well as various Nixel faces. He has two cube shoulders with small arms. His forearms are massive in shape with four small, grey spikes on their sides. He has large hands with three fingers, each tipped with a grey element. His legs are stumpy and grey, with two massive, black and grey feet with two toes. One toe is primarily black, while the other is primarily grey.


While sneaking into the I-Cubit Buildings, the Nindjas encounter a swarm of Nixels, which come together to form a Nixel Amalgamate. The Nindjas manage to split it apart but are overwhelmed by the swarm. Later, another Amalgamate is formed to stop Booger and the Nindjas from placing the last Cubit, but it is destroyed by the Nindjas Max. ("Nixel, Nixel, Go Away")


  • Due to being made up of Nixels, the Amalgamates are able to change their form easily.
  • King Nixel has also been shown forming an Amalgamate.


Nixel, Nixel, Go Away


TV series

Season 2



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