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*[[Wintrifred]] (debut)
*[[Wintrifred]] (debut)
*[[Mixel Parent]] (debut)
*[[Mixel Parent]] (debut)
*[[Frostbite’s Brothers]] (debut)
*[[Mixie Cat]] (debut)
*[[Mixie Cat]] (debut)
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*[[Charlie]] (debut)
*[[Charlie]] (debut)
*[[Frostbite’s brothers]] (debut)
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*[[Gummo]]<nowiki> [[File:SandboxCubit023.png</nowiki>|15px|link=|<nowiki> ]] </nowiki>[[Hurtz]] [[Gummo & Hurtz Mix|Mix]]
*[[Gummo]]<nowiki> [[File:SandboxCubit023.png</nowiki>||link=<nowiki> ]] </nowiki>[[Hurtz]] [[Gummo & Hurtz Mix|Mix]]
*[[Sharx]] [[File:SandboxCubit028.png</nowiki>]][[Frostbite]][[Sharx & Frostbite Mix|Mix]]
*[[Sharx]] [[File:SandboxCubit028.png</nowiki>]][[Frostbite]][[Sharx & Frostbite Mix|Mix]]
*[[Krog]]<nowiki> [[File:SandboxCubit024.png</nowiki>
*[[Krog]]<nowiki> [[File:SandboxCubit024.png</nowiki>
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*[[Kraw]]<nowiki> [[File:SandboxCubit017.png</nowiki>
*[[Kraw]]<nowiki> [[File:SandboxCubit017.png</nowiki>
<nowiki>]] </nowiki>[[Kraw Mix|Mix]]
<nowiki>]] </nowiki>[[Kraw Mix|Mix]]
*[[Voltz]], [[Hurtz]] [[File:SandboxCubit012.png|15px|link=]] [[Thornee]] [[Voltz, Hurtz & Thornee Mix|Mix]]
*[[Voltz]], [[Hurtz]] [[File:SandboxCubit012.png]]. [[Thornee]] [[Voltz, Hurtz & Thornee Mix|Mix]]
*[[Tungster]] [[File:SandboxCubit026.png|15px|link=]] [[Slusho]] [[Tungster & Slusho Mix|Mix]]
*[[Tungster]] [[File:SandboxCubit026.png|15px|link=]] [[Slusho]] [[Tungster & Slusho Mix|Mix]]
*[[Nindjas]] [[File:SandboxCubit025.png|15px|link=]] [[Nindjas Max|Max]]||||}}
*[[Nindjas]] [[File:SandboxCubit025.png|15px|link=]] [[Nindjas Max|Max]]||||||}}
==Production Information==
==Production Information==

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There it is... Mixopolis, my town. a city in spectacular living color. a city of mixing, for mixing. here, Mixels would mix at the drop of a Cubit. The city was colorful and bright, and was always gleaming with new mixing possibilities. Mixopolis was my town, and it always would be. And then, things changed.

Nixel, Nixel, Go Away is the fourth episode in the second season of Mixels, the twenty-fifth episode overall, as well as the series finale. It is also the fifth half-hour special. It was first aired on October 1, 2016.


When King Nix[sic] puts a stop to mixing in Mixopolis, it's up to one young Mixel to save the city.

Episode Summary

Act I

NNGA 7.png

Introducing the city through narration, Booger reminisces about how wonderful Mixopolis is, showing how integral Mixing is to the community, through two neighbors, Sharx taking photos with tourists, Surgeo performing a medical procedure, and two teams of Kraws and Krogs. However, Booger notices that things have been changing, and Mixels have no longer wanted to mix with each other lately; showing off a ruder personality towards each other as the colors of the city start to fade. Screeno is also one of the few that is disgusted by this depressing news. Booger notes how the city has gotten fairly bleak, but he knows that somewhere out there is someone that can help.

NNGA 49.png

During a past bank heist of Brohawk and Punkchure, the two of them find themselves face to face with the Nindjas; the protectors of Mixopolis. As they Max and foil the two robbers, Mysto heeds the call for all Mixels to keep the balance of mixing alive in Mixopolis as the Nindjas disappear into the night. This is later revealed to be a comic book being read by Booger to his friends Zabo, Blip and Scrud. While Booger is adamant that the Nindjas are real and will return again, his friends are not as sure.

NNGA 82.png

While trying to convince them, Booger and his friends encounter two Nixels putting up negative posters for a new product, noting how the negativity is spreading throughout the town. During this, a fire in an apartment building has started, leaving a Mixie Cat trapped in the flames.

NNGA 128.png

As the MCFD are adamant about not mixing with each other, the Nindjas appear and save the Mixie Cat, with only Booger seeing it happen. Hoards of Nixels stay and laugh at the destruction and chaos as the building burns to the ground.

NNGA 143.png

While the Nindjas question why the MCFD were so against mixing, Booger notices the swarms of Nixels and swears he has seen them before. At the same time, Mysto pulls out a memory of a past encounter with the Nixels; specifically a battle with King Nixel, which means he is somewhere in the city.

NNGA 157.png

Meanwhile, Major Nixel announces to King Nixel that the Nixels have infiltrated Mixopolis, which King Nixel wishes to make his own, through a product he calls the I-Cubit, which promotes conflict over creativity. With new devices, Major Nixel is able to convince nearly all of the Mixels to trade in their old Cubits for the new ones, which quickly drains them of color and enthusiasm and transforms them into Nixel-like zombies. Despite the fact that his friends want to trade their old Cubits in, Booger is adamant to keep onto the one that they have.

NNGA 204.png

When Major Nixel comments to King Nixel about how this remaining Cubit could cause problems with the scheme, King Nixel dismisses him, and sends his hoards of Nixels out into the streets, as they reign chaos, fully turning the now-helpless Mixels into Nixelized zombies.

Act II

Screenshot (529).png
Screenshot (548).png

The Nixels continue to run rampant, causing the Newzers to run from the scene of their broadcast. The four kids try to hide in an alleyway. A truck containing the Cubit essence is soon followed by the Nixels. Nearby, Booger remembers these creatures from an issue of The Nindja Chronicles, but was unable to figure out how the Nindjas won thanks to the next issue being a rare one. However, he still gets an idea on how to infiltrate their base. Meanwhile, the Nindjas figure out that the Nixels are the culprits behind the I-Cubit scheme, and follow them into their headquarters; only to be ambushed by a large swarm.

Screenshot (597).png
Screenshot (642).png

As Screeno and the other Newzers find a hidden location to stay reporting (revealed to be Gobbol), the kids, now wearing cardboard boxes, plan to infiltrate the building as well. Seeing them do this, Screeno has the other Newzers follow them. After besting the guards, the kids manage to locate King Nixel.

Screenshot (666).png

As the Newzers are unable to get past the guards, they enlist the help of Camsta to get them up to the top floor. Camsta then films King Nixel insulting the Mixels and broadcasts the footage to Mixopolis Stadium, which only slightly delays the King's plans to completely zombify the remaining Mixels.

Screenshot (697).png
Screenshot (728).png

As King Nixel enacts phase three of his plan, Booger reveals himself to King Nixel and boasts that the Nindjas will be able to defeat him, while King Nixel reveals he has had the three of them Nixelized. As he explains how he has loaded all of the Cubit essence into a large missile that he plans to have destroyed, he sends out the zombies to back the kids in the corner, with a chance of falling to their demise. Through a coordinated group dance, the kids are able to free the Nindjas, along with a few other Mixels, from their zombie state, though the missile is still set to go off.

Screenshot (779).png

As the Nindjas face off with the Nixel amalgamate again, Booger replaces the control I-Cubit with his rainbow one.

Screenshot (837).png
Screenshot (917).png

Despite his efforts, King Nixel traps Booger inside the missile, which launches off into the air. However, thanks to Booger being inside it, he causes it to malfunction; spreading the Cubit essence across Mixopolis and restoring the city back to normal. Major Nixel ends up fleeing, and King Nixel gets 'Mixelized' and then incinerated by a Mix, while the Mixels celebrate. However, as the others mourn the apparent demise of Booger, he parachutes down to cheers and praise. The Nindjas gift Booger with the rare issue of their comic, with an addendum of him saving the day.

The Trashoz sweep up any remaining Nixels, Screeno caps off with how Booger saved the day, and Booger narrates on how Mixopolis will always be his town.


For a full transcript of "Nixel, Nixel, Go Away", click here.



Major Characters

Minor Characters


Background Mixels


  • Gummo [[File:SandboxCubit023.png

Production Information

  • There was a slightly longer hiatus between Every Knight Has Its Day and this episode; 6 months, 3 weeks, and 5 days.
  • The episode was finished and delivered in July 2016, three months ahead of its premiere date.[2]
  • The title of the episode was revealed alongside other random titles of Cartoon Network programs via Turner Classic Movies' site. No other information was provided.[3]
  • The animation studio was changed for the fourth and final time; this time to Saerom Animation. Atomic Cartoons, Digital eMation, Inc and Big Star Entertainment had that responsibility previously.

Broadcast Information

This episode aired on October 1, 2016. The original airing garnered about 701,000 viewers.

  • This is the series finale, as LEGO cancelled production of the franchise's toyline after 2016, ending with Series 9.
  • This episode was initially set to air on October 29, 2016 in the Netherlands, but was pushed forward and replaced with the initially-scheduled Scooby-Doo! Mask of the Blue Falcon on October 15, 2016, very likely due to dubbing issues with the latter production.
  • This is the only episode of the entire series to air in the US with a regular TV-Y7 rating instead of a TV-Y7 (FV) rating.

International premieres

While most episodes reach large quantities of countries within a month of the episode's American premiere, many foreign Cartoon Network feeds appear to be facing a delay with the episode.

Several countries have been confirmed to have skipped over the special for unknown reasons, and no other dates have been discovered as of February 2017.

  • October 12, 2016 (Latin America & Brazil)
  • October 15, 2016 (Netherlands and Flanders,[4] Germany,[5] UK & Ireland)
  • October 22, 2016 (Central Eastern Europe,[6][7] RSEE countries[8])
  • October or November 2016 (Taiwan)
  • November 5, 2016 (India[9])
  • November 20, 2016 (Japan[10])
  • February 4, 2017 (Italy, "Il ritorno dei Ninja")


  • The Trashoz, (who make cameo appearances) Nindjas and Newzers appear, introducing the Series 8 and 9 characters into the show.
  • In addition to that, the MCFD, Pyrratz, Medix, make cameo appearances.
  • This episode marks the return and final appearance of the Nixels, after not showing up in the previous episode.
  • A Mixamajig Key can be seen discarded inside Gobbol while Screeno and Myke hide there.
  • Lewt does not physically appear anywhere except the opening sequence, like Tapsy in Every Knight Has Its Day. However, unlike Tapsy, he has a photograph of himself in the episode.
  • Series 1 is the only series not to have any set-based mixels to appear in the episode.
  • This is the first and only special that does not include any Murps.
  • This episode is the only one to release on the same day as the LEGO set wave that it represents.



  • In the intro, right after Lewt disappears from in front of the screen, three of the coins move for a brief moment.
  • Sharx sports a normal eye as opposed to having an eyepatch.
  • While broadcasting in the Mix TV Studios, Myke's yellow pattern on his feet is miscolored black.
  • After getting unnixed by Booger, Thornee's ears are miscolored.
  • When growing, Booger clips through Mysto.
  • At the few frames during the Mixopolis Stadium scene, Combustor has no lines around his body, as well as Lixeon's.
  • Surgeo has two normal arms instead of one being a syringe, even though he has his syringe arm in the intro.
  • Tuth has two normal arms instead of one being a toothbrush, even though he has his toothbrush arm in the intro.
  • Phosphee changes size throughout the episode (example: when Phosphee walks up to Combustor he is roughly as large as Combustor's leg and foot, while when Phosphee is arguing with the Crunch Doodle he is nearly as small as the Crunch Doodle).
  • While inside Gobbol, Screeno's tongue is miscolored white.
  • When Myke says "Dude, we're in a dumpster." to Screeno, the red light on his Mix TV logo is missing.
  • When Camsta says "I'll get us in", his mouth doesn't move.
  • Camsta's lights on the sides of his head keep disappearing and reappearing. Also, he has the Mix TV logo on both sides of his body at times.
  • When Major Nixel is on the monitors for the first time talking to King Nixel, the Nixel next to him is missing his white face, and the zombified Gastropodd is missing his eyes. In the same scene, multiple of the Nixels watching the monitors are sitting down but their seats are not visible.
  • When the Nindjas max for the third time, Cobrax's bottom jaw has three teeth.
  • In the Intro, Surgeo's syringe liquid is blue instead of green.
  • Some of the exact same background characters, like Twinzy-Twinsy for example, appear in different locations or in the same screen more than once.
  • When Mysto throws his grapping hook to the I-Cubit Building, Spinza's lower jaw is black instead of orange.
  • When Spinza says "Sorry fellas, but I'm afraid we can't allow you to un-mix Mixopolis", his top three teeth disappear in some frames.
  • When Screeno, Myke, and Kuekard are running from the Nixels on TV, Kuekard's screen has the wrong words, the only visible words saying "We gotta get".
  • When Zabo says "Hey, what are those weirdos doing?", his mouth doesn't move.
  • In the ending, when the mixing essence is brought back to Mixopolis, some Background Mixels (like Crunchee and Combustor) are seen getting their color back and then appear again in the stadium scene Nixed again, only to get their colors back again.
  • After Mysto says "He saved us all" and it shows the Mixels worrying, Blip is suddenly in the middle of the crowd, away from Scrud and Zabo. His lower part of his body also turns darker.
  • Kraw and Skulzy’s names aren’t listed in the end credits, also Gregg Bissonette’s name is misspelled as Greg Bisonette.


  • Rain, Rain, Go Away - The title is a reference to this nursery rhyme.
  • Cars - The vehicles on the streets of Mixopolis appear to have sentience, like the vehicles in this Pixar film.
  • Power Rangers - The Nindjas theme song is a reference to the Power Rangers theme song.
  • Apple Inc. - The I-Cubit name, plus the fact that everybody goes crazy for it once it is released, is similar to Apple's naming scheme and the popularity of their products.
  • Herbert Morrison - Screeno's quote "Oh, the Mixanity" is a reference to Herbert Morrison's famous "Oh, the humanity" quote during the Hindenberg explosion.
  • LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu - Mysto says "Nindjas Go!", which is a reference to the famous line from Ninjago "Ninja-GO!" (even in the same tone).
  • Pig Latin - When Booger tells his friends to follow his lead by saying "nix," Zabo instead says "ix-nay," which is how to say "nix" in Pig Latin.
  • Scarface Booger's quote "Say hello to my little friend!" is a reference to a famous scene from this 1983 crime film.
  • Thriller - Like in the 'coordinated group dancing' scene, both zombies and dancing feature in the music video for this famous Michael Jackson song.
  • The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie - A character voiced by Tom Kenny reverses the effects of the zombification of his town's citizens by the main antagonist, all through the power of song.
  • White Heat - King Nixel's quote "Top of the world, ma!" is a reference to a scene from this 1940s film noir movie.
  • Rancho Cucamonga - Similar to how the King mentions retiring to Florida in Every Knight Has Its Day, Major Nixel mentions heading off to Rancho Cucamonga after the Nixels' defeat.

Memorable Quotes

Screeno: The forecast is bleak. Black and white with scattered grey and possible sepia tones-Cut! Who writes this stuff? It’s so grim! Whatever happened to those happy, colorful stories we used to do?
Mysto: Someone is draining this city’s will to mix.
Cobrax: Yeah, but who?
Mysto: The answer is written on walls.
[Cut to the kids looking at a poster.]
Booger: “No is the answer”? What was the question?
Booger: Y’see? Sometimes one small Mixel is all it takes. Yup, Mixopolis is my town. And always will be.


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