The Nindja Chronicles

Vector Nindjas Comic Book by RC

Nindjas comic inside

Appearances Nixel, Nixel, Go Away
Type Printed media
Were you looking for the tribe?
Um, you know they’re not real, don’tcha? The Nindjas are just comic book characters."
"Don’t even say that! Y’know, you want them to hear? They just…went away, y’know, center themselves and gather strength. Even ninjas need to decompress. Besides, that was issue three: the disappearance! Issue four is the return of the Nindjas!
Zabo and Booger

The Nindja Chronicles is a comic book series commonly read by the youth of Planet Mixel; particularly the students of Mixopolis Middle School.


The Nindja Chronicles documents the adventures of the Nindjas, a legendary tribe of Mixels who protected Mixopolis from threats such as robberies and King Nixel.

Nixel, Nixel, Go Away

Contrary to popular belief, these stories are not fiction and the Nindjas do in fact exist; they come out of hiding when the Nixels invade the city with their I-Cubit scam. A Glorp Corp named Booger notices their resurfacing and helps them defeat the King and his army in the end. After all is said and done, Mysto rewards Booger for his bravery with a rare comic book that has his sacrificial actions in it.

List of Known Issues

  • Issue 3 - The Disappearance
  • Issue 4 - Return of the Nindjas
  • Issue 32 - Features the Nixels as the main antagonists.
  • Issue 33 - A very rare issue. Was later given an addendum with Booger added in it.






  • Concept Art revealed that the book was originally going to be a thicker bound novel, rather than small comic books.
  • It has its own associated song.


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