Niksput & Flamzer Mix
Cartoon Appearances Mixel Moon Madness
Primary Mixel Niksput
Secondary Mixel Flamzer
Purpose To fend off Vampos (Mixel Moon Madness)
Ability Flight

The Niksput & Flamzer Mix is a Mix that has made his debut in Mixel Moon Madness.

Physical Appearance

This Mix mostly resembles Niksput, except he has Flamzer's head and triangle spikes on his wings. He has Flamzer's legs with black color and the red body at the upper side. Also, he has Niksput's arms with a red wrist, and Niksput's jetpack with gold highlights at the bottom side of it.


Mixel Moon Madness

Flamzer and Niksput Mixed to defend themselves from the Glowkies and chase them back into their caves.


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