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The Newzers are a Mixel tribe in Mixels. They are black, blue, red, and yellow in color, and are based on television broadcasting.


Get all the latest news on Mix TV from the crew of the Newzers tribe, who work tirelessly to keep Mixopolis informed, no matter what the story!



Image Name Description
Screenocartoon.png Screeno The sharply-dressed one who is a director, writer, producer and reporter all in one.
Camstacartoon.png Camsta A brave member who delivers the news from the sky.
Mykecartoon.png Myke A mobile sound engineer, editor, recording studio and mixing board.


Image Name Description
BG Newzer Vector by Josh.png Kuekard A Newzer Mixel who has the face of a digital cue card, transcribing everything Screeno says.
JoenalistE17.png Joenalist A background Newzer that shares a model with Banjoe.
Newzer blip.png Blawger A background Newzer that shares a model with Blip.


The following contains the episodes in which three members in a group of this tribe are seen, excluding Background Mixels.


  • Their leader is Screeno.
  • Their tribe name is a pun on the word "news", which is what they are associated with.
  • The television station they work for is called Mix TV, and its logo is on Camsta and Myke.
    • Because of this, they might also make up or affiliate Mix News, which is mentioned in a Breaking News update. Mix TV itself has been mentioned in a Breaking News story as well.
  • According to the LEGO Club Magazine, the Newzers also write a newspaper named The Mixopolis Times.
  • They are sometimes erroneously referred to as the Newsies.[citation needed]


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