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Myke is a Newzer Mixel.



This mobile recording studio of a Mixel is a crucial member of the Newzers tribe’s I Witness team. A sound engineer, editor and mixing board all in one on 4 legs and wheels, Myke does whatever it takes to broadcast the MIX TV news to viewers!

Physical Appearance

Myke is mostly black in color. He has a blue control panel with the Mix TV logo and yellow and red controls. He has short blue arms with black pincer hands. His legs are small and end in yellow points, along with a pair of wheels. He also wears a large pair of headphones. He carries a boom mike in his hand. He has a square-like head with a single eye in the middle.

In the cartoon, the boom mike has a lined texture to it, the pole it is attached to is longer, and the end of it is colored black.


Early life

Little is known about Myke's past. However, at some point, he began working for Mix TV as a member of the sound crew.

First adventures

Screenshot (612).png

Myke helped record news reports with Screeno. He and Screeno hide inside of Gobbol as the Nixels invade Mixopolis. He, Screeno and Camsta record King Nixel inside of the Nixels' tower and broadcast it to Mixopolis Stadium; exposing the King for who he really is just before everyone is nixed. ("Nixel, Nixel, Go Away")

Further adventures

Myke and his brothers reported live from a glass of milk, with experts agreeing it was a historic event. ("Upcoming Event: Reporting Live From A Glass Of Milk")

Myke and his brothers shot a scene of Spinza carving an ice sculpture, only for failure to ensue. ("Nindja in an Epic Ice Sculpture Fail")

Memorable Quotes

Set Information

Myke was released as part of the Series 9 Mixels sets in the October 2016 product wave. His set number is 41580 and contains 63 pieces.

41580 Myke can be combined with 41578 Screeno and 41579 Camsta to create the Newzers Max.

LEGO Shop product description

Get hi-tech with Myke!

Pretend to record TV news shows with Myke, featuring 4 legs and wheels, a recording-deck-style body, headphone elements, plus a boom microphone element in hand. For more building and role-play fun, collect all 3 Newzers featured in LEGO® MIXELS™ Series 9 to create the MAX. Alternatively, combine Myke with 41577 Mysto from the Nindjas tribe to build a mixed-up MURP!

  • Get set for news broadcasts with mobile sound engineer Myke of the LEGO® MIXELS™ Newzers tribe.
  • Myke features a recording-deck-style body, 4 legs and wheels, headphone elements, posable joints, plus a boom microphone element in hand for extra play.
  • Collect all 3 Newzers in LEGO® MIXELS™ Series 9 to build the MAX!
  • Combine with 41577 Mysto from the Nindjas tribe to create a mixed-up MURP!
  • Go to LEGO.com/MIXELS for exclusive building instructions, games, animations and much more. Ask yourparents' [sic] or guardians' permission before going online.
  • Watch all your favorite MIXELS™ characters on Cartoon Network.
  • This set includes an age-appropriate building experience for ages 6 and over.
  • Stands over 3” (8cm) tall.


  • In his LEGO model, the strap of his headphones aren't attached to the two ear parts.
  • He re-uses Trumpsy's tape recorder piece in his LEGO model. However, Myke's is used as an actual part of him, rather than as a prop.
  • At number 41580, he is the final Mixel in production order, as the last Mixel in the last tribe of the last series.
  • In his official LEGO picture, the room that the pictures are taken in can be seen from the reflection in his boom mike. Something resembling Kuffs is in front of him.

Behind the Scenes

Name and basis

Myke's name is a misspelling of the name "Mike". His name may also be a misspelling of the word "mic", the shortened term for "microphone".


In the TV series, and where sound clips are used, Myke's voice is provided by Gregg Bissonette.

Real-life history


Myke appeared with the rest of Series 7 through 9 at Toy Fairs in late January and early February 2016.[1][2]


Myke debuted in the TV series on October 1, 2016 in Nixel, Nixel, Go Away, while his LEGO set officially became available on October 1 with the rest of Series 9.


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