Musicland (as entitled in original file name)
Inhabitants Mixies
Visitors Unknown
Features Instrument-themed buildings and objects

Musicland is an area of Mixopolis. It is the home of the Mixies.

All of the buildings use various musical instruments as a part of their structure and design.



Musicland is a large area in the town of Mixopolis. There are several instrument-like designs and structure added to the area, such as:

  • Clarinets for street lamps.
  • Piano-like designs for crosswalks.
  • More piano-like designs on the buildings.
  • Music note sheet designs on building.
  • Bongos in front of building.
  • Harp-like building.
  • Electric guitar in front of building.
  • Music boxes as mail boxes.
  • Violin-like designs.


  • This, Weldo Land, the MCFD Station, and the original Swamplands are the only locations that did not appear in the show.
  • Its name suggests that it is a full tribe environment despite only being a section of Mixopolis.
  • Originally, the three background buildings were given, from left to right, "Rock", "Jazz", and "Beat" as their signs. The signs were removed in the final design of the town.


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