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***But this could be Major Nixel instead.
***But this could be Major Nixel instead.
*He is similar to a sumo or heavyweight wrestler.
*He is similar to a sumo or heavyweight wrestler.
*It is possible he was inspired by the Gargantuar from Plants vs. Zombies.

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Muscle Nixel
Muscle Nixel
Debut Calling All Mixels
Last Appearance  ?
Nicknames (aka)  ?
Tribe Nixels
Position  ?
Gender Preference Male
Color Black
Special Features Strength
Likes Fighting
Dislikes Mixels
Quote "NEEEIX!"
Voice Actor  ?
Game Abilities  ?

Muscle Nixel is an elite member of the Nixels swarm, and one of the primary antagonists of the Mixels franchise.



Muscle Nixel, like his leader is, simply, an oversized version of a regular Nixel. He also has a silver belt on his waist with the thumbs down symbol, plus large muscles on his arms.


Calling All Mixels

Muscle Nixel is an opponent found during various Nixel swarm battles. He has higher health and a stronger attack than regular Nixels, which means he is harder to defeat. It is suggested that the player uses more than one Mixel to defeat him, as a single Mixel can easily be overpowered by him.

He makes his first animated appearance in the unlockable cutscene "Nixels 1, 2, 3..." from the Version 3.0 update. In it, three normal Nixels are stacked on top of each other, nervously holding a target for him to punch. However, he ends up punching out the Nixels instead, though this still satisfies him enough.


  • He appears in the Calling All Mixels app game only.
  • He is similar to a sumo or heavyweight wrestler.
  • It is possible he was inspired by the Gargantuar from Plants vs. Zombies.






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