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Muscle Nixel, also referred to as Muscle Nix, is an elite member of the Nixels swarm and one of the primary antagonists of the Mixels franchise. He makes his only appearance in the Mixels mobile app game, Calling All Mixels.



Muscle Nixel is a musclebound brute. He loves to fight and is very good at doing it too. He loves punching things, and even if he doesn't hit the target he intends to hit, as long as he gets to hit something, he'll still be happy.

Physical Appearance

Muscle Nixel, like his leader, is simply an over-sized version of a regular Nixel. He wears a silver belt on his waist with the thumbs-down symbol, and has large muscled arms. He has the square-top ears similar to one of the smaller Nixel subspecies. His body shape slightly tapers down, and is not a perfect square.


Muscle Nixels were encountered as enemies during Nixel swarm battles with Mixels who have escaped from capture.

Later on, three Nixels are seen holding up a target for a Muscle Nixel to punch. The Muscle Nixel instead shows his strength by beating up the three Nixels. ("Calling All Mixels")


  • He appears in the Calling All Mixels app game only. However, he makes a cameo in the Fang Gang Max mini-game on the Mixels website, but this could possibly be Major Nixel. This is unlikely as many of the larger Nixels will appear at once.
  • He is similar to a sumo or heavyweight wrestler, which may have been an inspiration for his appearance.
  • Even though he is larger than other Nixels, he is unable to speak conversational English. He simply says "Nix", like most Nixels.


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