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Blue team ready
Appearances Every Knight Has Its Day
Players Blue Team
Camillot, Jamzy, Rocky, Pyrope, Flare, Wott, Voltz, Frostbite, Shivor, Slugber, Squiddo, Booger, Blip, Astroy, Phosphee, Banjoe, Nummie, Twinzy-Twinsy
Red Team
Mixadel, Combustor, Boldurr, Hurtz, Fridjerk, Brohawk, Punkchure, Steemur, Zabo
Well now, Murpball is my kind of game.

Murpball, sometimes written as Murp Ball, is a sport played in Mixopolis Middle School.

How to Play

Murpball is a game requiring two teams. There is usually a timer to the game, and when the time is done, the game is finished. In order to win the game, a team must hit each member of the opposing team with a Cubit Ball, resulting in them transforming into a murpified variation. Catching a ball thrown by the opposite team will also disqualify the opponent. If all members are taken out of the opposing team, then the other team wins.


  • Camillot was unfamiliar with the game before he joined Mixopolis Middle School.
  • The game appears to be similar to the real-life game of dodgeball.
  • Mixadel seemed to like the game once he discovered what it was.

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