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But sometime work, sometime no!
— Krader

Some lessons are learned the Murp way.
Season 1
Episode Number 7
Production Code 101C
Original Airdate March 18, 2014
Characters All Mixels from Series 1
(except Zaptor and Zorch)
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Murp is the seventh episode in season one of Mixels. It first aired on March 18, 2014.


Flain and Krader try to get over to a party on the other side of a river but they make a Murp on one try.


Major Characters

Minor Characters





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  • This is the first episode where a Mixel cries.
  • Yet another Mixel object combination is used, a "Ballooñata".
  • Almost all Series 1 Mixels appear in this episode. The last episode with this many appearances was Cookironi.
  • This episode proves that there can be more that 1 Mix/Murp per 2 Mixels.
    • This also could mean that some of the LEGO mixes could be actual mixes in future episodes.
  • It is unknown why Zorch or Zaptor weren't invited, as it was likely Teslo's party (since he was trying to hit the ballooñata) and Teslo doesn't seem to have a problem with either of them (especially Zaptor, who is his own brother). However, it could have been because they couldn't make it or for Zorch, Teslo didn't want to deal with Zorch's annoying personality.
  • This is the first appearance of a Murp.


  • This is the second time Krader gets harmed, the first being Electrorock.


  • SpongeBob SquarePants - In the beginning, the scene shows the bottom of the river, then it makes a bubbling sound going up that is similar to the show SpongeBob SquarePants, where it shows the title of an episode, the credits, and it makes a bubbling sound.


  • When Seismo's reacting to the ballooñata for the first time, the dark gray part above his eye is missing, and stays missing for the rest of the episode, excluding the part where the Flain/Krader Mix was about to run into the party.
Murp Error

Krader, the cannon cork.

  • The Ballooñata is not attached to anything when the Flain/Krader Mix is about to crash into the party. Rather, it is floating in midair.
  • On the iTunes description for this episode, Krader is reffered to as Shuff.
  • When Flain and Krader were blasted out of the cannons, Krader's arms and legs were missing.

Memorable Quotes

Gots a cubit!
— Flain
Hurry up guys, my volt-o-meter is reading this barbecue party at zzzzuper funzzzz!
— Teslo
— Krader
— Shuff
— Krader
Zzzzuper lamezzzz.
— Teslo



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