[Flain and Krader are on land, with a river separating them from the other side.]

Krader: Flain? How we get cross river? I want fun fun barbecue too!

[Cut to other side of the river. Seismo, Shuff, Teslo, Volectro, and Vulk are there, laughing and dancing.]

Teslo: Hurry up, guys! My volt-o-meter is reading this barbecue party at...(Meter on Teslo's back increases.) zzzzzuper funzzzzzz! (Buzzes.)


Flain: (Pulls out Cragster/Infernite Cubit) Gots a Cubit!

Krader: Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh! (Cowers back.) But sometime work, sometime no.

[Cut back to the party, Shuff is sitting a tree, holding a Ballooniata.]

Shuff: Ballooñata!

[Shuff hangs the Ballooñata and the partygoers cheer. Cut back to Flain and Krader. They touch the Cubit, and it turns into double cannons that shoot at each other. The Murp cloud forms.]

Krader & Flain Murp: (clapping his hands) Ha hah!

[He suddenly catches fire, and runs around and screaming, then jumps into the river and sinks. Cut back to the party. Teslo has his eye closed and is swinging at the Ballooñata.]

Partygoers: Rock candy!

Krader: (Popping up from the top of the screen.) CANDY?!?

Krader and Flain: Mix!

[The Krader & Flain Mix rushes to the other side of the river.]


[They crash into the party. When the smoke clears, all of the partygoers, now with a de-mixed Flain and Krader, are sitting down, covered in ashes and frowning. Teslo’s meter decreases.]

Teslo: Zzzzzzuper lamezzzzzzzz. (Lowers eyelid.)

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