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But sometime work, sometime no!
— Krader
Murp shot

Some lessons are learned the Murp way.
Season 1
Episode Number 7
Production Code 501-296-01C[1]
Original Airdate March 5, 2014
Characters All Mixels from Series 1
(except Zaptor and Zorch)
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Murp is the seventh episode in the first season of Mixels. It first aired on March 5, 2014.


Flain and Shuff [sic] want to mix to cross a river to a party, but they create a murp each time they try.[1]

Episode Summary

The episode begins with Flain and Krader standing a short distance from a party full of other Mixels - with only a river standing in their path. While Krader complains to Flain about this, Teslo reveals his Volt-O-Meter, which rates the party up to the very top level, reading "FUN", which only saddens Krader even more.

Sometime work sometime no

"But sometime work, sometime no."

Flain offers Krader a Cubit, which nearly excites him, but Krader begins to think of what could go wrong with it. However, once Shuff pulls out a Ballooñata for the party, Krader immediately grabs the cubit and it transforms into two cannons. The two cannons force Flain and Krader inside, and shoots them at each other - but instead of making a Mix, they Murp.

The Murp giggles and sets on fire, and runs around the place, and then jumps into the river to put the fire out. Eventually, they are split apart, back where they started, and they watch the party, where Teslo has smashed open the ballooñata, and candy has spread around everywhere. Krader immediately decides on Mixing, where he and Flain take a Cubit and Mix together.

Despite them not making a Murp this time, the Mix creates an urge to get to the party as quick as he can, speeding across the river and crashing into the tree, burning the entire party and leaving everyone charred. This makes Teslo's Volt-O-Meter level down to the very bottom, reading "LAME", finishing the episode.

Burnt party

From crashes to ashes.


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Major Characters

Minor Characters



  • Krader SandboxCubit010 Flain Mix



  • This episode proves that there can be more than one Mix/Murp per 2 Mixels.
  • It is unknown why Zorch or Zaptor weren't invited, as it was likely Teslo's party (since he was trying to hit the ballooñata) and Teslo doesn't seems to have a problem with either of them). However, it could have been because they couldn't make it, or in Zorch's case, Teslo didn't want to deal with Zorch's annoying personality.
  • This episode, Another Nixel, and Electrorock are the only Series 1 shorts to be uploaded to Cartoon Network's YouTube channel with the regular logo as opposed to the preliminary logo.
  • Yet another Mixel object combination is used, a "ballooñata".


This episode and "Pothole" aired on March 5, 2014 directly following the Teen Titans Go! episode, "Brain Food" and received a total of 1.859 million viewers.


  • This is the first episode where a Mixel cries.
  • This is the first appearance of a Murp.
  • This is the second time Krader gets harmed, the first being Electrorock.


  • SpongeBob SquarePants - In the beginning, the scene shows the bottom of the river, then it makes a bubbling sound going up that is similar to the show SpongeBob SquarePants, where it shows the title of an episode, the credits, and it makes a bubbling sound.


  • On the iTunes and Google Play descriptions for this episode, Krader is referred to as Shuff, and they read "Mux" rather than "Murp."
  • When Seismo's reacting to the ballooñata for the first time, the dark gray part above his eye is missing, and stays missing for the rest of the episode, excluding the part where the Krader & Flain Mix was about to run into the party.
Murp Error
  • When Flain and Krader were blasted out of the cannons (as shown in the image at the right), Krader's arms and legs were missing.
  • The ballooñata is not attached to anything when the Krader & Flain Mix is about to crash into the party. Rather, it is floating in midair.

Memorable Quotes

Hurry up guys, my volt-o-meter is reading this barbecue party at zzzzuper funzzzz!



Murp Title
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