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When certain Mixels combine together, it goes wrong and makes a murp - weird, uncontrollable, mixed up Mixel.


Murp Mixels


  • Flain and Krader
  • Vulk and Krader
  • Vulk and Teslo
  • Vulk and Zaptor
  • Vulk and Volectro
  • Zorch and Krader


  • Krader and Seismo
  • Krader and Teslo
  • Krader and Zaptor
  • Krader and Volectro
  • Seismo and Shuff
  • Seismo and Teslo
  • Shuff and Teslo
  • Shuff and Zaptor
  • Shuff and Volectro


Teslo and Volectro


  • The Infernites only have 8 Murp Mixels, while the other two tribes have 9 Murp Mixels.
  • Seismo is currently the only Mixel to have only one Murp Mixel, that being with Teslo.
  • Zorch and Volectro only have two Murp Mixels.
  • Any Electroid with Shuff is a Murp.

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