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|purpose = <small>Unknown</small>}}
|purpose = <small>Unknown</small>}}
The '''[[Munchos]] [[Max]]''' is a Max that will appear in [[2015]].
The Barney Tribe '''[[Max]]''' is a Max that will appear in [[2015]].

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Munchos Max
No Screenshot
Appearances  ?
Primary Mixel Snax
Secondary Mixel Berp
Tertiary Mixel Vaka-Waka
Purpose(s) Unknown
Ability(ies)  ?

The Barney Tribe Max is a Max that will appear in 2015.


This Max is mostly purple in color, and it resembles Vaka-Waka the most.


  • On the front instruction page, the Max contains all the food of the Munchos sets. In the official instructions, it uses the Nixel instead.
Munchos Max leak

Munchos Max in LEGO form



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Munchos Max
Muncholand / Pizza / Donuts

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