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Series 6
Color Purple
Home Muncholand
Occupation Food Mixels
Leader Vaka-Waka

The Munchos are a Mixel tribe in Mixels They are obsessed with food and eating; despite that, their designs are pretty generic. They are purple and lavender in color.


Have a snack with the Munchos tribe, whose members love to eat as much as they love to talk! The Munchos will turn anything they find into dinner... not that they’re very efficient eating machines.



Image Name Description
VakaWaka S6 Vaka-Waka Two Muncho leaders in one body. Vaka, the head and Waka, his stomach.
Snax S6 Snax A big, wide-eyed kid with a serious appetite who loves eating and is fun to hang out with.
Berp S6 Berp A walking, living blender with his four rotating arms that are great at juggling and slam-dunking with his big mouth.


Image Name Description
Banjoe vector Banjoe A background Muncho who also attends Mixopolis Middle School.
Unknown haired muncho vector Muffy A background Muncho.
Crunchee vector by zootycutie Crunchee A background Muncho who also attends Mixopolis Middle School.
Gastropodd vector Gastropodd A background Muncho.
Nummie vector Nummie A background Muncho.
Byte vector Byte A background Muncho.
GummoVectorbyDerek Gummo A background Muncho who also attends Mixopolis Middle School.
Coach by CoinsCP Referee A Muncho who teaches Murpball in physical education at Mixopolis Middle School.
Hungurr Vector by ZT20 Zabo A background Muncho who also attends Mixopolis Middle School.
Twinzy-Twinsy Twinzy-Twinsy Twin background Munchos who also attend Mixopolis Middle School.
Tyecoon like muncho vector Munchstache A background Muncho who shares the same model with Tyecoon.
Vector Shivor-modelled Muncho with purple transparent claws by RC Purpclaws A background Muncho that shares the same model with Shivor.
Spiked Muncho Vector by ZT Yumeedle A background Muncho.
Muncho chef Le Munch A background Muncho chef.


The following contains the episodes in which three members in a group of this tribe are seen, excluding Background Mixels.


  • Their leaders are Vaka-Waka, mostly Vaka.
  • Their name is a play on the word "munch".
  • Each member comes with a food prop and a feature to portray them "eating it"; Snax can hide them in his cheeks, Berp his mouth, and Vaka-Waka their stomach.
  • The fact that they love to talk may be a reference to the phrase "Don't talk with your mouth full".
  • They have the biggest number of background Mixels in A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig and Every Knight Has Its Day.
    • Plus, out of all tribes, they have the most background characters.
  • The background Mixels of their tribe are colored in lighter shades than the core three.


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