Gobba with Muck
Gobba holding a muck
Appearances Bar-B-Cubes
Calling All Mixels
Mixels Websites
Type Currency

Mucks are the currency of Planet Mixel.


Mucks are green dollar bills with a big letter "M" in the center of them.


Bar B Cubes

After the Vulk/Slumbo and Krader/Volectro Mixes set up their roadside stands to sell bar-b-cubes and rock pops, respectively, Gobba enters with a muck and asks if he can try free samples before he decides to spend his money on one of the foods. Gobba never uses his muck because he ends up having too many free samples and eventually becomes full.


  • The name is a mix of the word "Mixels" and "buck", a colloquialism for a dollar or similar currency in various countries.
  • From mucks, the Mixels have some sort of economy running in their world.
    Cubit humor muck

    On website

  • On the Cartoon Network website, they are part of a mix transformation sequence.
  • In the Flexers levels of Calling All Mixels, there appears to be piles of mucks everywhere. This could possibly mean that the Flexers tribe are very rich. It may also mean that they are the ones who print mucks.
  • It is unknown where mucks come from or how to get them.
  • Their symbol is the standard USD symbol.

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