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Season 1
Episode Number  ???
Production Code 501-296
(full production)
501-296-100 (special)
Original Airdate July 27, 2014 (India)
Characters All Mixels from Series 1-2
Major Nixel
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Movie is a mysterious partially lost episode from the first season of Mixels. It is a half-hour special done in the style of Mixed Up Special that includes 17 out of the first 20 shorts. It has not aired in the United States, but aired in India on July 27, 2014.

Not much is known about the special, as it was discovered via a video of (most of) the special in Hindi on Dailymotion,[1] and no other information was given.

It is unknown if it has aired previously in this country, but it has aired multiple times from February 4 to 13, 2017 in Italy during LEGO Days.

Episodes included

International airings

International airings
July 2014
Date Countries Title Reference
4 Korea 믹셀 스페셜 (Mixels Special)
27 India Movie
October 2014
Date Countries Title Reference
22 Romania Mixels: Film [2]
February 2017
Date Countries Title Reference
4~12 Italy Mixels: Il film


  • The special includes a minimal amount of new animation, which is simply a quick transition that was not used in any of the later specials.
  • This episode revealed the cast for Series 1 and 2 (including the Nixels and Major Nixel). However, due to it being slipped online unnoticed, the cast wasn't known until Mixed Up Special aired.
  • The ending of "Nixels" was shifted to the end of "Mix Over", cutting to Changing a Light Bulb automatically.
  • The title of the special was finally revealed alongside the addition of other random titles, including Nixel, Nixel, Go Away, of Cartoon Network programs via Turner Classic Movies' site. No other information was provided.[3]
  • The special aired multiple times in Italy during LEGO Days.
  • This special was featured in a Mixels VCD released in Poland in a Cartoon Network magazine, in an altered version with different transitions that show the Mixels logo each time and the title of the short.
    • As this alteration matches with how Season 1's shorts have aired throughout Europe, it's likely the Italian version features these transitions too.
  • A Mixels episode with the generic title of "Mixels Special," also used for Mixed Up Special, aired on Cartoon Network Korea on July 5, 2014. Since this is long before the latter special aired in the US, it's likely that a Korean dub of Movie may have aired on that day.


  • The end credits sequence misspells Flurr's name as "Flur" and leaves out Kraw's name, leaving Kraw's voice actor a mystery. Interestingly, these two exact same errors were made in the Mixed Up Special ending credits.


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