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Mountain City
Electroid Land
Inhabitants Electroids
Visitors Cragsters
Features Tall buildings
Electric trees
Electronic sidewalk

The Mountain City, also known as the Electroid Kingdom, is a location on Planet Mixel and a city very high up in the Mixel mountains. There are tall buildings, power lines, and poles. It is where the Electroids reside.




The Mountain City appears to have a chrome landscape with a black background, and the Lightbulb Sun. It has a blue, electronic sidewalk leading to Electroid houses. There are also electrical trees scattered across the land.

Calling All Mixels

Dance Off!
— World selection slogan

In Calling All Mixels

In Calling All Mixels, the Mountain City is shown as a giant dance club. The ground is lit like a dance floor with multicolored checkered panels. Large windmills are found around the area, which gives the city its energy. Strewn around the area are multiple stand-up arcade machines, lightning rods, disco balls, and sub-woofers.

In the game, there is a sub-location for Mountain City called Techno Valley.

Background Music

Calling All Mixels

Electroid action loop
Electroid exploration loop
Electroid outpost defend loop
Electroid region background loop


  • The reason why the Electroids settled here was to be closer to the lightning storms.
  • If one of the Cragsters dug through the earth while in the Mine, they would end up in this region, which was proven by Krader in Electrorock.
  • The Lightbulb Sun is connected directly to this domain, as shown in Changing a Light Bulb, where the Electroids Max manages to blow its fuse by overpowering its circuits. It is unknown how it is connected, for no wires are shown connected to the Lightbulb Sun.
  • Mixel Land may get some of its energy from the Mountain City, due to the power from the lightning storms.
  • The Misical Muxels stopped here for a leg of their tour, as shown in Calling All Mixels.


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