Mixopolis Middle School
Mixopolis Middle School
Inhabitants None
Visitors Principal
Background Mixels
Features Classrooms
Professor Mixelpuss statue
Welcome... to public Mixel School!

Mixopolis Middle School, or Mixel School, is a public school building located in Mixopolis. The school is run by Principal Knave.



A statue of Professor Mixelpuss adorns the front yards.


Mixing 101 classroom

The Mixing 101 classroom mainly has a yellow color scheme for its walls, ceiling, and floor. Numerous brown desks are spread across the room where students sit. The front of the classroom is the Teacher's desk with a Planet Mixel globe and a few other school supplies. There is also a cabinet on the side of the room and a door next to it.

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The gymnasium


The gymnasium looks like a standard gym with large bleachers, a court with a hoop, and a semi-circular blue and white ceiling with accents. There is also a large red timer and dark blue exits.

Also, when playing Murpball, the gym turns different vibrant colors.

Student Body

In alphebetical order.


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Mixing 101 classroom

  • Physical Education, taught by a Referee. During some classes, students play Murpball.
  • Booger also implies that students might also have history classes.


  • According to a clock on the streets, school starts at around 10:13 A.M.
  • Mixadel and Jamzy may not favor the school, as Mixadel called it "a dump" and Jamzy referred to it as "crummy."
  • The school also has a football team, according to a Facebook post.[1]
  • According to concept art, it was originally meant to be an elementary school, thus having the episode originally be about a younger group of students.


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