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Late last night, three pirates snuck into Mixopolis and attempted to rob the city’s bank; but they didn’t get far. Three local doctors, who were hiding inside the bank vault, gave the pirates such a scare that it is highly unlikely those pirates will return to the city any time soon.
— Mini movie description

The Mixopolis Bank is a bank located in Mixopolis.


The Mixopolis Bank's exterior contains six pairs of striped patterns and its name on top. It is held by four white pillars and at the middle is a bank vault with a silvery circular shape on the inner side, with a white circular shape on the outer side. At the center, there is a combination lock colored dark grey and on top of it is a grey arrow. There is a silver handle at the left and a hinge at the right.


  • This is the first location to make its debut appearance in the LEGO mini movies.



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