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Who needs a Mixamajig when you've got Mixopolis?!

Mixopolis (briefly Nixopolis) is a city located somewhere on Planet Mixel.



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Mixopolis was quickly planned and built by the Weldos tribe on the site of the major battle against King Nixel and the Ultra-Miximum Max. After the battle, the Mixels involved didn't know what to do next. Kramm then appeared, laughed at how they fell for the Nixels' Mixamajig hoax, and presented to them the new city as construction was finished. Snoof remarked that it was amazing. ("A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig")

Mixopolis then began to bustle as many Mixels moved in. Districts and buildings were specially assigned to the themes of certain tribes. The Newzers of Mix TV started to record the experiences of the city's inhabitants. ("Breaking News") Meanwhile, school was also in session. ("Every Knight Has Its Day")

The final battle

"There it is... Mixopolis, my town. A city in spectacular living color. A city of mixing, for mixing. Here, Mixels would mix at the drop of a Cubit. The city was colorful and bright, and was always gleaming with new mixing possibilities, From its majestic skyline and thoroughfares, to the picturesque tourist traps of scenic Mixopolis harbour… To Mixopolis General Hospital and its world class medical procedures… To the steely gridiron of Mixopolis Stadium…Mixopolis was my town, and it always would be. and then, things changed."

After that, the Nixels then returned, discovering Mixopolis and setting up a tall building in the city. The Nixels fool the Mixels living in Mixopolis into trading their Cubits in for the I-Cubit; all regular Cubits were then reverted to their liquid form except for one, which Booger had. The color is then completely drained from the city and all of its inhabitants zombified. King Nixel launches a missile containing the liquid into the stratosphere but it malfunctions and explodes as Booger is still inside, saving Mixopolis and returning color. ("Nixel, Nixel, Go Away")



The city of Mixopolis has its own law enforcement, famous band, fire department, restaurant workers, medical workers, cleaners, and news station.

A royal family also lives in the city, with a kingdom district separated from the more modern ones. Their first interactions with the more normal inhabitants of the city were when princes Camillot and Mixadel started attending classes at Mixopolis Middle School.

A legendary tribe known as the Nindjas are the sworn super hero protectors of Mixopolis. They went into hiding for some time, but were forced to come out when the Nixels, who they had encountered before, returned to take over the city.

Additionally, a group of wannabe pirates operate a tourist trap at the city's harbor.


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  • Its name is a combination of "mix" and "metropolis"; a metropolis is a very large and densely populated industrial and commercial city.
  • It is incorporated into the design of the 2016 LEGO series boxes.
  • Mixtropolis may have been an early title for the location, as it is a hidden search tag for the two Every Knight Has Its Day clips featured on Cartoon Network's website.
  • This is the fourth city introduced in the Mixels franchise; with the first being the Mountain City, the second being Orbitopia and the third being Klinkerton.


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Well, the big thing for third year of course is we’re going into a city. It’s gonna be something really cool, it’s a new place. It’s something called “Mixopolis”, so the Mixels are entering a city environment, and anything can happen, basically. Loads of brand new tribes, really really fun tribes, actually. And lots of brand new fun, interesting stories. Going into a city environment has actually allowed us to explore the world of Mixels wide open. So the amount of tribes and the variety and differentiation is huge now. I think the potential for this city to really come alive is massive.
Andy Seenan, The Wonderful World of Mixels

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