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The Mixies are a Mixel tribe in Mixels. They are yellow and purple in color, and are based on musical instruments.


Jam with the Mixies tribe, the loudest group of them all! Rock out with them as these musical Mixels try to find their rhythm!



Image Name Description
Jamzycartoon.png Jamzy A Frender Mixokaster guitar shaped lead singer who was born to rock and roll out in Mixopolis.
Tapsycartoon.png Tapsy A muted member who doesn't speak very much unless he is drumming.
Trumpsycartoon.png Trumpsy A blared out member with a trumpet as his head.


Image Name Description
Unnamed drum.png
Snare A snare drum background Mixel.
A piano mixel.png
N/A An electric piano background Mixel.
Xylophone mixel.png
Pling-Plong A xylophone background Mixel.
Unnamed mixies.png
N/A A tuba background Mixel.
N/A A high-hat background Mixel.


  • Their leader is Jamzy.
  • Their purpose is similar to the Misical Muxels.
  • Their color scheme is the prototype scheme of one of the tribes from the Monsters concept.

    The LEGO Monsters prototypes that share colors with the Mixies

  • All of their main members' names end with the letter "y".
  • They are known as famous and have produced at least one album, entitled Mix'n'Loud.
  • Despite being famous musicians, they are still very young, as Jamzy and Trumpsy are attending Mixopolis Middle School.
  • They have the most building challenge characters, with five exclusive ones from their tribe, however, only two were made public.
  • With the end of the theme, a majority of the characters that were meant to have building challenges never gained ones, thus leaving their names unknown.
  • They and the MCPD are the only two tribes whose main three members' LEGO models each have an accessory/separate entity. Jamzy has a microphone, Tapsy has drumsticks and Trumpsy has a mixtape.


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