Mixie Cat
Debut Nixel, Nixel, Go Away
Last Appearance Nixel, Nixel, Go Away
Nicknames (aka) Boopsie (Wintrifred)
Tribe N/A
Position N/A
Gender Preference Various
Color Yellow
Special Features Four legs
Likes Its owner
Dislikes Fire
Quote  ?
Voice Actor Richard Horvitz
Game Abilities  ?

A Mixie Cat is a type of Mixamal.


Physical Appearance

Mixie Cats are mostly brown in color. They have rectangular bodies with round heads. They have grey necks and limbs, their limbs with a golden paw on each. Their muzzle and jaw are gold, with two teeth pointing upwards from it. They have golden ears and a brown tail with a gold stripe on it. They only have a single eye, with a gold eyebrow floating above it.

It is unknown if there are variations of their colorations like real life cats have.


  • Despite the name, they have no relation to the Mixies.
  • They somewhat resemble Flamzer in their design.
  • They share a color scheme with the Klinkers.


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TV series

Season 2



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