Demoting Staff who set a Bad Image of the Wiki (2)

This would be used to demote staff members who frequently make fun of other Mixels fans and make a bad image of the wiki. Suggested by ToaMatau2004 confirmed by ZootyCutie

Good idea. Will be implemented if it happens. -GN

Not allowing users to post messages on their message wall except in emergency (4)

Suggested by ToaMatau2004 and confirmed by ZootyCutie

No, people should be allowed to do this as they wish; as long as it's not completely pointless. -GN

Deleting blogs unrelated to Mixels or the wiki (6)

Suggested by ToaMatau2004 and confirmed by ZootyCutie

I've already been doing this, but I encourage other admins to join in. -GN

Kicking Very Inactive Users in Chat (-2)

Hi there. I've been thinking that if a user has been away for a certain amount of time, he/she should be kicked from the chat. The thing is, if you aren't chatting anymore, stop chatting! Also, this may be why the chat crashes a lot. However, this will not lead to any blocks in any way.

Suggested by Hyperealistic Gaben

This is pointless. People can be away if they want. People go to the bathroom, get food etc. while they chat all the time. -GN

Removing Users from Mainspace Categories (11)

I think we should disallow users from adding mainspace categories to their userpage. This adds confusion to readers and is unprofessional. If this is approved we will need to make a user infobox and request all users to remove them from their pages.

Definitely. Let's start, shall we? Before they build up too much. -GN

Close Message Threads after a certain Inactivity Period (7)

I've noticed that some recent message board threads have been restarted up again after long moments of inactivity with pointless topics. My idea would cause threads to be closed (like say, after two weeks of inactivity) to avoid "necroing" these threads, keeping the activity page clearer and to avoid random spam on issues that have been resolved.

Suggested by ZootyCutie.

Let's do this. -GN

Revised and updated policy (7)

The current policy needs a lot of work. It was heavily based of another wiki which means it is fit for that wiki. Over time we have added things and changed things but it still is a bit odd. One thing that stands out is how there are set in stone ban times for socking but no set in stone bans for other offences. This leads to some crazy long main bans, or chat bans being lifted for no reason. I have made a revised policy that you can view at . I made it based on the current ones, but in a way that I felt suited the wikis needs and were easy to understand and not too long. Of course it can be fixed and revised as the admins like but this works better for the wiki. This was officially approved by Tungster830 and I have talked about it with other staff. It might also be helpful to say that some other users did help with this and helped it be "fair and not too strict".--Matau Lunk animination "I buy now!" 00:53, March 3, 2016 (UTC)

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