The Discord server's icon.

As of 9th September 2018, the Mixels Wiki now has an official Discord server. It was created to be a more useful alternative to the live chat. Discord is a much better platform for chat, hence why users have migrated there.

If you wish to interact with wiki users or just talk about Mixels (among other things), feel free to join!

Discord is available via most internet browsers. There is also an application that can be downloaded for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux.

You can join our server through this link.

What is Discord?

Discord is a multi-platform application that aims to combine the features of Skype and TeamSpeak. It is popular with gaming and was built with gaming in mind. It can still be used for fandoms and community servers.

Discord hosts private and public servers that are administrated by their owners and administrators. Servers are independent and each contain unique text channels and voice channels. Access to a server is decided by server administrators. To join a server, one must register for an account.

For support regarding Discord, click here.

How do I join?

  1. To join the Mixels Wiki server, you'll first need a Discord account. Register an account and access the platform via the Discord website or an app.
  2. On this wiki's sidebar, a Discord widget is available. Once you've signed up, click the "Join the Mix Festival" button and you're set!


Some basic roles are listed here. Not all roles are listed.

Name Description Permissions Given to
Server Founder The founder of the server Ownership - All permissions CMRdaawesomeguy
Co-Owner Users who are also considered owners of the server All permissions Graham02, MlNlCUPCAKE, CoinsCP
Wiki Staff Unique roles for Wiki Mailmen, Admixes, Bureaumaxes and Rollbacks Varies per role Wiki staff
Weldos Administrator for the server Administrator permissions MCPD who apply for additional permissions
MCPD Moderator for the server Moderator permissions Orbitons who have proven themselves
Orbitons Users being trained into staff roles Basic moderator permissions Users applying for staff
Klinkers Bots for various server functionalities Varies per bot Discord bots
Tribal Leaders Users who have been very active and helpful, as well as reach level 30 using MEE6 XP No extra permissions Level 30 users
Tribal Members A universal role for all server members No extra permissions All members receive the role upon join
Muted Unable to speak until further notice Permission to read messages, speaking permissions revoked Excessive rule-breakers

List of channels

Name Purpose
Mixopolis City Centre
#new-users A log of all users that have joined the server
#server-announcements Public announcements about the server
#wiki-announcements Public announcements about the wiki, as well as important FANDOM updates
#wiki-archives A list of public archives of the wiki
#voting Public votes for both the wiki and the server
#rules The rules of the server
#associates Links to affiliated Discord servers
#staff-list Introductions from the staff members on the server
#role-list A complete list of all most server roles
#role-assign A channel where users can assign themselves roles
#real-pins A channel containing "pinned" messages by Starboard
#fake-pins A channel containing previously pinned messages from channels that have reached their pin limits before the addition of Starboard
Tribe Hangout
#general The main channel for all discussions no matter the topic
#general-2 An alternate general channel if #general is too much
#private A locked channel for discussing private or sensitive matters
#memes A channel for posting memes or trash-posting
#gaming A channel for gaming
#movies A channel for talking about movies
#anime A channel for talking about anime
The House
#staff-chat A private channel for staff members and select users to discuss matters
#staff-spam A private channel for staff members to tinker with bots
#bot-status A channel that relays updates from the support servers for bots added to the server
#infraction-logs Logs of warnings given by admins
#logs Logs of actions recorded by bots
#levels Owner-only channel for MEE6 to dump level-up announcements so they don't interrupt conversations
I-Cubit Building
#role-request A channel where users can request non-staff roles
#staff-applications A channel where users can apply to become staff for the server
#wiki-ban-appeals A channel where blocked wiki users can file ban appeals
#advertisements A channel for users to plug their work, servers or etc
#suggestions A channel for users to suggest improvements for the server or wiki
#wiki A channel for discussing edits or improvements to the wiki and its pages
#reports A channel for users to report incidents to staff
Creative Corner
#art Dumping of art
#art-wip Channel for work-in-progress pieces
#art-discussion Channel for discussion of art
#lego-creations A channel to share LEGO creations
#oc-dump A channel to share original characters
#music Channel for sharing music
#joke-roleplay Channel for users to participate in joke/crack roleplays
#serious-roleplay Channel for users to participate in serious roleplays
#other-creative Channel for sharing other fun projects and creations that might not fit the other channels
Project International
#project-international Main discussion space for Project International
#español Spanish discussion channel
#français French discussion channel
#polski Polish discussion channel
White Space
#spam An XP-locked channel made for nothing but spam
#bot-spam A channel for using bot commands
#∞ You get one post. Make it count.
#trivia A channel to play with the Jeopardy bot
Mix TV Frequencies
#voice-text For people who don't have microphones or don't wish to use their voice to talk with members in the voice chat
#text-to-speech Spam channel for you to use text-to-speech commands
#music-text Recommended channel to use the music bot Rhythm in
General Voice channel for general discussion
General 2 Voice channel for secondary general discussion
Gaming Voice channel for playing games
Music Voice channel for listening to music
eg salad Shh...
AFK People that are inactive in other voice channels will be placed here automatically
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