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June 2015

I call it Bogo

Upon his arrival at the Mixels Wiki, Bogo has been loved by the wiki. Bogo was created by ToaMatau2004, and is a member of a group of alien Mixels. Matau says that Bogo is one of his favorite OCs, and he has since redesigned him.

July 2015


Drazor is by far the most well-known of PredasparkDrazor's OCs. This leader of the Predasparks certainly stands out as a unique and interesting Mixels OC!

August 2015

Passinova pic

Passinova is one of many of ZootyCutie's Mixel creations. This male-only member of the Amorluvs stands out on his own as a failure of a heartbreaker!

September 2015

MS's Mixsona

Drichael is MixelSark's Mixsona! He's cool in whatever medium, drawn or LEGO!

October 2015


Burncobo is MixelJacobo101's Infernite character! He even has a LEGO Idea project!

November 2015

Flayr V2 as Featured OC

Flayr is FlainStorm's Infernite branch leader! He's one of his most well known of many characters!

December 2015


Krohootus is The-Adventure-Krog's Mixsona! He's a fun and wacky hybrid of his favorite Mixels!


January 2016

Vectored Whimsy by JoshuaTheKid24

Whimsy is the leader of JoshuaTheKid24's, the Goldicons! He's the most sophisticated and fanciest of the bunch!

February 2016


Shooti is CMRdaawesomeguy's Orbiton character and Mixsona! He has tons of creative animated designs to him, too!

March 2016

Herio Artwork

Herio is the leader of Dadaw's Windesters. He's got an awesome LEGO form and animated design as well!

April 2016


Knight-Night is the leader of the Sleeperteirs by TheFrozenFrosticonsKings, in a clever mix of sleep and knights all in one!

May 2016

Neptuna Request for GN

Neptuna is the wise and kingly leader of the Aquatoids by Green Ninja! He wields not only twin sabers, but also sagely advice!

June 2016

Sprinkles in Featured OC

Sprinkles is the Mixsona of Sprinkles257! She has a design that stands out just as much as her creator!

July 2016

Mixsona is here

Hyeno is the Mixsona of Graham02! He has quite the wild and creative design!

August 2016


Bit is the Mixsona of MlNlCUPCAKE! She's got a high-tech and adorable design!

September 2016


Bitz is one of Derek the Torchic's Electroids! His fun design makes him look as energetic as his element!

October 2016


Lathy is the adorable leader of the Blower-Bubbies by PinknWhiteBat12! With a love for cleanliness and a bubble wand, she is a very sweet Mixel!

November 2016


Chemobile is the grouchy member of the Chemicides by ABoringGuy! He's rarely happy, and can also shoot out toxic waste like a cannon!

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