Zorch X Rainbow Dash is the first Mlp/Mixels shipping fan fiction. It was made by Hyperealistic Gaben.                                             



Zorch and Rainbow Dash kissing


It's a miracle.

It starts off with Zorch running around, pranking the others. And then they saw a Sonic Rainboom of some sorts. The beam of light soon crashed into the bridge, which showed Rainbow Dash. And then she ate everybody.Zorch and Rainbow Dash soon fell in love with eachother. Even though Rainbow Dash didn't know about Zorch, they kissed apparently. It soon went to a scene where Rainbow Dash and Zorch were having dinner at a fancy restaurant. Since Rainbow Dash was a horse, she ate the table. She burped a shotgun, and shot Zorch in the head. He exploded. Rainbow Dash took Zorch, and flew to Weenie Hut Jr. The doctor asked about the problem. Rainbow Dash mooed. Two years later, the doctor had a diagnosis. Zorch had Pregnantidis. Rainbow Dash was so happy, that she cried Hyperealistic blood. The screen faded to black while Justin Beiber's "Baby" played. The episode returns after the song. Rainbow Dash is seen spazzticaly driving a car off a cliff, with Zorch in the back. Rainbow Dash drove into the Magma Wastelands, running over Flain and Vulk. Zorch and Rainbow dash walked into Volcanoville to get to their bed. But Rainbow Dash soon realized that the hotel was closed, so she picked up Zorch and and made a Double Rainboom. They entered the bed universe. The two stepped into one bed. It showed Zorch pushing the baby. This make him blast a layza. The baby came out of Zorch's tummy and Hyperealistic blood flew everywhere. Rainbow Dash asked what the baby will be called (Only mooing), and Zorch came up with the name. He called the baby Coconut Fred. Coconut Fred soon says that they are slaves at his fruit salad island, ending the episode.


  • Derekis made the pic of Zorch and Rainbow Dash kissing.
  • This is the first episode where a crossover character was so hot.
  • Coconut Fred made a cameo as a baby.


  • Zorch is poorly drawn the entire time (Excluding the part where they kissed)
  • Rainbow Dash's face is Wario's in this episode.
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