Oh Nozes!
— Wizwuz

The biggest Magic Show ever! is the first episode in Sonicfangames1235wika's fan episode series. He released it on 8/29/14.


The Wiztastics are ready for there biggest Magic Show ever but the Nixels try to ruin the show so the Wiztastics try to stop the Nixels from ruining the show.


(Mixel title appears at Magic Tent)

(Magnifo checks the certain and every mixel was there)

Magnifo: This is it!

Wizwuz: Is what?

Magnifo: Every Mixel is here and there going to see the greatest magic trick EVER!

Wizwuz: You mean like last time?

Magnifo: Yes Wizwuz like last time.

(A flashback of Magnifo came)

Vulk: (pops up from his seat) THAT WAS AMAZING! I LOVED IT! (Gives a single clap that echoes.)

Magnifo: (Lip starts to quiver­, his eye grows huge) Applause…THE THUNDEROUS ROAR OF APPLAUSE! (Jumps up.) I DID IT! I DID IT, I DID IT, I DID IT! I’M SPECTACULAAAAR!

[The pyramid falls down, all Mixels land on top of Magnifo. Wizwuz STILL stands by.]

Magnifo: (Strained-sounding) Dagnabbit…

(Flashback ends)

Magnifo: Yep good times!

Mesmo: Um Magnifo?

Magnifo: What Mesmo?

Mesmo: Look outside.

(The Wiztastics see Nixels coming to the Magic Show)

Major Nixel: Keep going Nixels cause where going to trash the Wiztastics MAGIC SHOW HAHAHAHA!

Magnifo: Oh no the Nixels are coming and there going to trash the show!

Mesmo: Why don't we try to keep them while where doing the show.

Magnifo: Your right Mesmo! While our there our security!

Wizwiz: What about us?

Magnifo: I have a spell that can clone 20 us.

Mesmo: Ok do it.

(Magnifo grabs a spell book and flips and finds the clone spell) Abra-Craka-Clone!

(Clones 20 Wistastics)

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