Mixels Fanon Stories (Apocalypse455)

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Where is that little scorpion?

In this episode, Scorpi goes missing, and Footi and Hoogi search for him, but little do they know that he was captured by Nixels.....


  • Scorpi:ewe(Footi, Hoogi, Can we play hide and seek?)
  • Footi and Hoogi: Aw,okay scorpi,but first We'llcount first. 1, 2, 3
  • Scorpi: hehe-Ahhhhhh!
  • Major Nixel: Hahahaahaha! Alright, Nixels! Take him to the lair!
  • Nixels: Hehehehehehehe! NixnixnixnixnxixnixnixxxxxNIIIIIX! *scorpi:(ewwwwwwwe)hhhhhheeeeeeeeeellllllppppppppppppppp!
  • Footi and Hoogi: huh,Where is he? Scorppppi,baby brother!?
  • Footi: Where is that little Scorpion!?(Chuckling to see if Scorpi would come out, as he loves chuckling)
  • Hoogi: Ah! The nixels must of taken him! We have to save him before the nixels kill him!
  • Footi and Hoogi: we're coming for you scorpi!
  • Major Nixel: Now that were here, ask him questions? Where do you get Cubits? Tell me! *scorpi:ewe(no.) *Major nixel:what,you're not gonna tell me!?Grrr aaaaaagggghhh! *scorpi:(open cute eyes)waaaaaaaa *footi:don't worry scorpi,welll save you,hhhhyya(punching nixels) *Footi and hoogi :stop right there major nixel!(holding tan and silver cubit to stop major nixel) *scorpi:(eyes dried off)ewe,ewe(footi,hoogi)
  • Major Nixel: Haha! Huh?!
  • Footi and hoogi:(use spikes to tear the rope)scorpi!(hugging scorpi and put binkey in his mouth)let's get him with with a mix it!
  • Spikels: Max!
  • Spikels Max:rooooaar(Time to spike things up! Yyyaaaaaaa0!
  • Major Nixel:(covered with spikes)ow,stupid Maxes! *footi: don't ever run off like that,we've been worried sick! *scorpi:(cute eyes wide open) i sorry. *footi and hoogi:aw,we can't stay upset about you(hugging scorpi) *scorpi:ewe,ewe(i wuv you) *night time*footi:(putting blanket on scorpi)nighty night little buddy(kissed scorpi) *hoogi:(looking at scorpi sleeping)that is one cute sleepy baby (putting binkey in scorpi's mouth) *footi and hoogi:yawn (now went to bed)


  • This is the longest episode so far, at 2 minutes.
  • Major Nixel has a smaller role in this episode.
  • the Spikels invented hide and seek for Mixels in this episode, also known as Mix and Seek.
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