This Is The First Creative Corner Made By Omar Hesham 76 He Made It In 9/6/2019

The Infernites Were Fighting About Who Should Be The Leader


(The Infernites were sitting on their couch in their house,Zorch was bored)

Zorch: Guys I'm so bored.

Vulk: Can we max?

Zorch: Nah,I wan't something else rather than maxing everytime,Uh I got it! My hobbies!

Flain: I told you,No more pranks!!!!

(Zorch sighs)

Flain: I got it how about we make a competetion.

Vulk: Why?

Flain: Because I'm the leader dude, I'm the most important one of you.

Vulk: But,How about we switch roles? I wanna be the leader.

Flain: No,We can't.Because I'm already the leader.

Zorch: What makes you be the leader? Your coolness, eh?

Flain: And my smartened too.You dudes just don't deserve to be the leader.

(Zorch jumped from the couch)

Zorch: Okay,How about we make a competition?

(Vulk jumped from the couch)

Vulk: Yeah,I agree.

Flain: Okay,So both of you guys want's a competition?

Zorch And Vulk: Yes!!!!

(Flain jumped from the couch)

Flain: Al'right,Let's do this.

(The Infernites wen't out of the house)

Flain: Al'right,Who ever knock down the major first will be the leader FOREVER!!!

(Cut to the Major)

Major Nixel: I'm not alone

(5 Nixels appears)

The 5 Nixels: NIX NIX NIX!!!!

Flain: Oh yeah,Vulk can you take care of the Nixels first?

(After Vulk knocked out the Nixels)

Flain: Anyways,Let's fight!!!!!

(To Be Continued

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