Nixel Please!-Hoogi

The Big Slime Race is the first episode in Jonathan.menges's fanon series. he realeased it 9/20/14. 

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Rokit Finds the slime race and decides to join the sport. In the middle of the sport, wizwuz wants to miz with him. but will he be able to mix with him? Lets Find out!


(The mixels logo appears)

Glorp Corp: Hey all you mixels! Wanna start the race now?

All: Yeah!

Chomly: YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!!!!!

Niksput: but.....where is rokit?

Nurp-Naut: I don't know.


Niksput: (Gasp) Rokit, is that you?

Rokit: Sorry Guys, i won't be late next time!

Glomp: Good! 99% Timing!

Rokit: Thanks!

Glomp: Now let the sport begin!

All: (Cheers)

Wizwuz: But is there mixing allowed?

Glomp: Yes!

Wizwuz: But....i can't mix with anyone. all i do is murp.

Rokit: But you can test out me! (Pulls out Orbiton/Wiztastic Cubit)

Glomp: Hurry! it already started!

Both: AGH!

Both: MIX!

Rokit/Wizwuz mix: Yaho!

Rokit/Wizwuz Mix: Want this nixel to hug, hoogi?

Hoogi: Yeah!

Volectro: get your fresh hamlonga sandwhiches!

(Slime hits hamlonga sandwhiches)

Volectro: Ugh. I mean dirty hamlonga sandwhiches.....meh.

Volectro: Nevermind. i will take a shower.

'Wizwuz': I did it! I DID IT! HOLY GOSH DARN COW I DID IT!!!!!!

Wizwuz: I MIXED!!!!!!

Burnard: I thought you couldn't mix....

Wizwuz: But...I FINALLY DID IT!!!!!

(The end)

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