This is the 17th episode!


  • Infernites 2.0
  • Glowkies
  • Orbitonz
  • Major Nixel
  • Nixels


  • (The episode starts in Space, with the Mixel logo turning tpinto the Nixels logo)
  • Major Nixel: Alright, NIXELS! If were going to claim one place, why not be the MOON!(The Nixels are being watched by Meltus)
  • Meltus: FLAMZER, BURNARD! Get The Glowkies to contact the Orbitonz!
  • Flamzer: Were on it!
  • Burnard: Are you thinking what Im thinking!....
  • Flamzer and Burnard: MIX!
  • Flamzer/Burnard Mix: In Burnards voice:(Travels to Glowkie Caves)Globert, Boogly, VAMPOS!
  • Vampos: Yes?
  • Flamzer: The Nixels are on the Moon, trying to destory it!
  • Globert: WHAT?
  • Boogly: We have to call the Orbitonz!(Gets on phone to Nurp Naut)Hello? Nurp Naut!
  • Nurp Naut: Yes, Boogly?
  • Boogly: The Nixels are planning to destory the Moon! They are in space!
  • Nurp Naut: Were on it!
  • Boogly: Thanks! BaBye!
  • Rokit: What happened, Nurp Naut?
  • Nurp Naut: Nixels in Space, planning to destory the MOON!
  • Niksput: Aw Shnixel! Lets MAX!
  • Orbitonz: Max!(In Niksputs Voice)(Enters Space)Stop right there, NIXELS!(Shoots a blast of fire at Nixel Ship)
  • Globert: Horray! Thay saved MOON MIXEL!
  • Burnard: WOO HOO!
  • Boogly: Celebrate! MIX!
  • Boogly and Burnard: Murp! Murp! Murp! Hehehe!(Episode closes on the Murps Eye)
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