But who's gonna play with us?
— Glurt

Slimeball is the 4th episode in FlurrFood24's fanon series. He released it on 9/2/14.


The Glorp Corp get bored, until...


[Starts in Swamplands]

Glomp: Ugh. I'm bored.

Glurt: Do you want to race?

Glomp: We just did that ten minutes ago...

Glurt: Oh yeah.

Torts: I want to play Slimeball! Do you guys agree?

Glomp: Well, we haven't played Slimeball in a while, so...LETS DO IT!

Glurt: But who's gonna play with us?

[The Spikels walk up.]

Footi: Hey there my fellow Glorp Corpsters! What are y'all up to today?

Glomp: We were going to play Slimeball. Oh, do you guys want to play?

Footi: Sure! But but how do we play?

Glomp: Easy. You just see who can make the biggest slimeball with the materials you get!

[Scene changes to the actual game of Slimeball.]

Torts: TEAMS! Glomp with Footi, me with Hoogi, and Glurt with Scorpi.

[They walk to their partner.]

Torts: BEGIN!

Glomp: I have the slime to make the ball. What do you have to make it bigger, Hoogi?

Hoogi: I got some balloons...

Glomp: Where'd you get the balloons from?

Hoogi: Well...

[A flashback is shown with Mesmo looking for his balloons.]

Mesmo: Hey! Where'd my balloons go?

[Hoogi walks out the door with Mesmo's balloons. The door then shuts.]

Mesmo: Grrgh! Get back here!

[Flashback fades away.]

Hoogi: Hehehe.

Glomp: Okay...

[Scene turns to Torts and Hoogi.]

Torts: Got the slime!

Footi: I got the air!

Torts and Footi: COMBINE!

[Scene turns to Glurt and Scorpi]

Scorpi: Uh...I don't have anything. Wait, can you just blow a big bubble?

Glurt: I was gonna use a cubit so we can combine multiple bubbles and make one...

Scorpi: Eh. Lets just stick with that.

Glurt and Scorpi: MIX!

[The Mix is rapidly shooting bubbles from it's tail. It's so fast, that the bubble is the size of a whole school.]

Glomp: [Looks at Glurt and Scorpi's progess while frightened.] Y-You're making it too big! IT'S GONNA EXPLODE!

[Three Seconds Later.]

Glomp: OH NO!

[The big slimeball made by the Mix explodes. Goo is flying everywhere.]

[Scene turns to the Wiztastics show.]

Magnifo: Abra, cawacka, [Gets face splatted with goo] AAAAAAH! I CAN'T SEE!

Vulk: [Vulk laughs. The other Infernites make dirty looks.]

*The End*


  • FlurrFood24 was very late on this episode.
  • This episode reveals new sport on Mixel Land.
  • This episode continues all Series 3 Mixels.
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