Race Time is the First Episode by Joeman23!

  • (The words Mixels appear on a Race Flag and it views out to show the Mixels)
  • Glorp Corp: It's time...
  • Frosticons: For a RACE!
  • Glorp Corp and Frosticons: MIX! MIX! MIX!
  • (Glomp mixs with Lunk, Glurt with Slumbo and Torts with Flurr and they all start racing)
  • (Glunk is coming in first and then Glurtbo takes over and then Tourr flys over them)
  • Tourr: Yay Yay!
  • Glunk: I see the Finish Line! (And then a swarm of Nixels pick up the Finish Line and takes it away.)
  • All Mixels: HEY!
  • Glurtbo: After Them! (They go after the Nixels but they throw rocks at the Mix's and they Un mix and they fall on a big pile)
  • Glomp: We need to Max! (Glomp pulls out a Cubit and Flurr pulls out a Cubit too.)
  • Glorp Corp and Frosticons: MAX! MAX! (The Max's run after)
  • (The Frosticon Max throws a Snowball at the Nixels and the Glorp Corp Max Slimes it and sticks all the Nixels to it.)
  • The Glorp Corp and the Frosticons: Hooray!
  • Glomp: When we Max we can achieve any... RACE! (And he starts running to the Finish Line with the other Mixels running after Him.)

(The words The End appear but get squished by the Slime Snowball)

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